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Catching the end of winter

Only thing better than time spent in hammocks is time spent in front of the fire. It’s a Yapeen state of mind.

Winter becomes spring

The joy of winter turning into spring will never, ever dull. Indeed, the delight in brings me seems to grow each year as I think, “is it really this lovely every single year? All we have to do is make it through winter to experience this joy again and again?”

Spring in my garden

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, a million times more, I love seasons.


Winter in Melbourne

Melbourne, you did me proud this weekend. T-shirt weather on 22 July!

Look, Sebi is squinting from the harsh mid-winter sun. (Sam on the left, me behind the camera).

Summer meets winter

I’ve been raving about the wonders of Autumn for a few weeks now. I can’t stop marvelling at the myriad ways Melbourne takes advantage of Autumn’s natural beauty.

This morning, a serendipitous breakfast moment occurred in my kitchen. Summer/autumn food met winter food (suddenly appropriate after the weekend’s drop in temperature).

Behold, grilled figs with porridge: