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Being wild

Where the Wild Things Are is a film about those kids who despite their best efforts don’t seem to feel the right things at the right moments. They get angry and cry and get excited and wild at exactly the moment someone doesn’t want them to. The more someone doesn’t want them to go wild, the harder it is to contain.

It’s also about the people (mums and kings) who love them and their wildness anyway. Not despite their wildness but because of it. The mums and kings who see the spark that ignites the wildness. They appreciate the double re-cracker and they know just how to comfort the wild one in the remorseful moment of “everybody must hate me now.”

But it’s also about how the wildness can be a bit too impossible sometimes. Wildness can’t be contained, if it could it wouldn’t be wild. And not being able to contain something can be really hard work.

Where the Wild Things Are says, wildness isn’t evil, it’s just painful. You’re not the worst person for being a bit wild, you’re just wild.

Where the Wild Things Are – Sneaky Trailer Posts

So so so so so looking forward to this – me and every other sensible human on the planet!