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The long weekend in Bangkok: unabridged

Were you suitably teased by my long weekend teaser? I imagine the reason why I don’t have a long list of comments begging me to write more about the weekend is that your longing is so great that you can’t verbalise it. I understand…those photos were pretty amazing.

Well, just prepare yourself to have your expectations confounded.

I had a special visitor this weekend, who, until the last minute thought he wouldn’t get into my airport-blocked city. And then, as the sea parted for Moses, the PAD protesters left the terminal and all was good again.

Sooooo are you dying to know who visited? Who towers over me enough to take this photo of the top of my head?


Thaaaaaat’s right! The very tall MARCUS (friend not brother)


Looking here as though he might punch the reclining Buddha in the soles of his feet. Way to aim for the most sacred thing in the universe ever.

Taking advantage of Muslim public holidays that both countries of our residences observe (Eid Al-Adha), Marcus quickly popped over from Aceh for a wee vacation.

We just ate food and wandered around on Marcus’s first day in town (Friday) so I didn’t bother getting my camera out for that. On Saturday morning though, we did lots of great stuff and I just didn’t take any photos!  We took boats up and down the river, had a delicious lunch by the river and went to Khoasan Rd to look for old hippies who forgot to ever leave the stinky back packer mecca.

On arrival at Wat Po however, it was clear the camera needed to come out…and it didn’t get put away until sometime on Tuesday (note that Marcus left on Monday morning but by then I was just snap happy).

Some photos of Wat Pho



The temple has these excellent statues dotted around the yard.



The main event at Wat Pho is the Reclining Buddha statue, which is housed in a room whose walls are illustrated beautifully.



As we wandered around the temple Marcus was stopped by some students who asked him to complete a survey that tackled the lighthearted subject, “Are you prepared to die?”


He had a lot to think about.

We left Wat Pho and wandered to the flower market as dusk descended. I had a fleeting and rare moment of knowing where I was in Bangkok and realised we were nearby to the lovely Amarosa, a bar overlooking the river and Wat Arun.



After enjoying mojitos and playing with the settings on my camera to get these lovely shots, we went down to the pier and took the boat back to more familiar territory. We spent the evening at Suan Lum Night Bazaar and rewarded ourselves for an excellent day out with burgers at the American pub.

The next morning we headed out to JJ market to do a wee bit more shopping and I learned the extent of Marcus’s gusto and natural talent for haggling. It was such a great JJ day. It wasn’t too hot and stinky and even though it was crowded and manic it seemed a bit calmer than usual. The market was full of great smells (antiques, food, incense) and we found a corner of the market with old Buddha statues and a violin stall that was a delight to be in.

After a few hours of shopping we decided to get some sushi, one of Marcus’s “I’ve escaped from Aceh, please feed me” requests. I knew of a couple of tasty places, but thought I should ask my friend who knows the best of everything if she has a favourite sushi haunt.

Oh dear, Oishi Grand Sushi Buffet. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

Firstly, I’ve never ever seen so much sushi. Secondly I may not have ever seen this much food. It didn’t stop at sushi at Oishi Grand Sushi Buffet. There was tempura and the bbq grill (where they grill on command!), dim sum, pasta, rows of food I didn’t even look at, and a huge dessert section. Obscene amounts of food.

Ro joined us for lunch and things got a bit silly.


Best thing about this shot: after it was taken Ro said to Marcus “Don’t think you’re actually eating my gyoza”

If he wanted more gyoza he could have had 150 of them freshly grilled at his request because we were in crazyland.


This was the photo AFTER we’d finished eating. We’d eaten so much that all those delectable little morsels went begging. Actually, we did eat some of what’s shown here, but we definitely fell short by a long shot.

The next thing on our To Do list was take stupid photos amongst christmas directions, so we did.




Oh man, I love this photo. Ro wasn’t as excited by the “R for Rowan!” moment as I was. But now that she looks back on it, I bet she loves it too. Expect your R for Rowan christmas card in the mail shortly.

The end

the long weekend teaser

Well the long weekend certainly lived up to expectations. In the first instance it went for four days, which pretty much sealed the deal. But on top of that it was an adventure packed weekend to rival the best weekends. Alas, no time to post about it today…This will be an epic journey.

Instead, some teasers….