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My last late night in newspapers

Another late night at the Waranga News,  but not as late as last week.

By the next edition, MJ’s compadres will be back and we will be soaring through the night sky, probably somewhere over Russia – my life in newspapers will be over.


Walking down the street today I made myself laugh when I realised how oddly bright my mood was. Do you ever have those moments when nothing can bug you?

I was skipping along the street, delighted by grass, the new bitumen road, even a semi-trailer driving past (‘Ah! The sweet rumble of industry!’)  


Also today, I found a dead rosella in a friend’s front doorway. If you try googling ‘dead bird omen’ you find a whole lot of forums with people asking if a dead bird is an omen and a whole lot of people telling them that they’re dopes. I think Italian mamas need to unite and create Omenpedia.

Late nights of a newspaper(wo)man

It’s sleepytown here as I wait for MJ to finish the Waranga News for another fortnight. Key members of the usual posse are away so I’ve been roped in to stay the course. I did the layout on a tricky page and it came out looking A.MAZE.ING. I think I’m gifted. I also wrote a schmaltzy letter to the editor to fill up some space. It’s been all hands on deck. But now it’s after 2am and we’re both bored and sleepy. 

Oh boy! I’ve just been called back into action. My task: check the page numbers. It’s a cut throat bizniz, journalism. Toughen up or toddle off to bed…Only the strong survive.