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Supermarche my heart

So the trip to the supermarket changed me. It rocked me to my very core. So much deliciousness…in packages. How can this be? I defy even the snobbiest food snob who is used to regular supermarkets in Australia (even something as chichi as David Jones food hall) not to get excited by Monoprix on rue St Antoine.

After a day of travel and general sleepiness, we had no desire to eat out last night. So we had a free ticket to buy anything at the supermarket that would otherwise seem sacrilegious in Paris. Per example, we bought dessert at the supermarket. Patisseries abound and we bought packaged dessert. But the package was the cutest little jar! To cut a long story with much dessert adoration short – I’m not kidding when I say this was one of the best dessert moments of my life. When trying to convey how delicious my dessert was, I realised it wasn’t just about the taste – this dessert filled my soul with joy. No really!

Marie Morin Tarte au citron