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’twas the night before Christmas

I arrived in Hanoi in the evening of Christmas eve. On the way from the airport I saw Santa Clause TWICE. On motorbikes.

When I arrived at the hotel, Simone and Cat were waiting for me (they’ve arrived from Aceh earlier in the evening) and without unnecessary delay we headed out for Pho.


mmmmm pho

After dinner we wandered the streets a bit and bought balloons.


I bought a Santa balloon

Eventually we landed in a bar called the Loo Pub, which had converted toilets as bar stools. Towards the end of the evening the DJ played a very funny and danceable version of Jingle Bells and the crowd got pretty excited.


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

The smoke machine went into overdrive though and we were driven out into the very crisp fresh air to take a breath. And met this extremely CUTE little girl!


Hanoi's cutest kid

She was on the run from parental supervision but eventually the olds caught up with her and she had to go home. Stupid no fun parents.

Once the smoke lifted and we regained our composure after the Jingle Bells dance-off we decided to head back to our hotel. Sarah was, as usual, sleeeeeepy (it was well past 10pm I’ll have you know).

But when we got back to the hotel, one of the staff told us we simply had to get down to the lake. Vietnam had played Thailand in a soccer match that night…and WON! So clearly every person in Hanoi took to the streets.


The leader of the pack?

It was crazy at the lake. Thousands of people driving around in circles and cheering and chanting and flag waving. I made a friend who gave me a small Vietnamese flag and a flashing neon Jesus on the Cross to hang around my neck. Best friends for life. Jesus stopped flashing sometime last week. He had incredible stamina.


brum brum


Lighting a lantern

Spoiler for tomorrow’s post: When we met Nicole for Christmas lunch the following day she said she’d been down there around 10pm (four hours before we made it there and the crowd was still going strong at 2am). She had a great time too, until she realised someone had SLASHED HER BAG! The gigantic butt face stole her wallet AND her favourite lipstick which is just about the worst Christmas present you could give a gal. Way worse than a flashing Jesus on the Cross.