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New heights reached – but why?

One of the stranger moments for my blog occurred this week.

Sneaky Blog Challenge Day 2 saw the highest number of hits per day in Where Is Sarah? history. In fact, it tripled my daily average. I’m not to sure what to extrapolate from this data – maybe it all comes down to LOLcats.


Sneaky Blog Post Challenge: final score

Well…today the conference won. Not a single sneaky blog post managed to squeeze itself in.

The final score for the Sneaky Blog Post Challenge (the winner of each day’s challenge scores a point):

Sarah: 2

Conference: 1

I win!!

sneaky blog post 2.6

Sneaky blog post challenge BEATEN! 6 sneaky blog posts and counting.

Found three tailors! On the 3rd floor of the hotel…

sneaky blog post 2.5

Oh dear…sick in my belly


Sneaky blog post 2.4

Lunch update:

  • Mountain of Sushi
  • Mountain of oysters
  • Roast chicken, lamb and vegetables
  • Creme caramel
  • Chocolate Brulee
  • Icecream

Belly hurts 😦