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Today is Wednesday

  • The kittens were back on my doorstep last night. I put them in a box in the backyard (with help from the neighbour boys showing me how to grab and trap the kittens…oh dear), but they found their way to the front door again. I think the mother helped them over the very high fence to get there, so I will just let them love the front door.
  • I had dreams that made me angry last night. I really need to figure out a way to leave dream emotions behind, it’s really not helpful in daily life. The dreams were about foreigners on the beach with Acehnese locals, and the foreigners were wearing bikinis, which is a big no no. But it shouldn’t really be that anger-inspiring. When I went for an run just after waking up I couldn’t shake the anger, and when all the guards at the CHF office started their usual calling out, I yelled “STOP LOOKING AT ME!” I yelled in English, which makes it even funnier and more nonsensical. Fortunately, my housemate got offered a really great job in her home country at 6am this morning, so the jumping up and down with excitement shook any residual anger out.
  • I’ve just rediscovered the greatness of Weetbix! I think it’s the absence of oil and chili that makes me like them so much. I am eating these things for breakfast and lunch (not dinner, that would be crazy). And now, to compliment my regression into childhood, I am going to make a cup of Milo.

failed sleep-in

Boy oh boy, I am sleepy grumpity grumps today. I haven’t been getting to bed early enough this week so I decided to take advantage of my boss’s absence today by sleeping in and come into work a little bit late. In truth I could probably come into work a little bit late any day because no one really notices, and no one would care, but here’s a secret about Sarah: I NEVER break rules unless I can guarantee I won’t get caught. Yep, my sole motivation for doing the right thing is to keep myself out of trouble.So I went to bed last night without setting the alarm and had visions of sleeping in my very comfy bed until 8am…but it wasn’t to be. I guess I’m being punished for something (probably my spineless, authority-fearing ways) and my punishment has been delivered in the form of this:

Kopi Manis has a truly excellent early morning routine of barking incessantly and pushing her water bowl around on the cement (bark, bark, scrape, bark, bark, scrape). Well, I showed her who was boss…I got out of bed at 7.15am to give her food (that she doesn’t need because she is fat). Yep, the dog wins. But I gave her a stern look. OH YEAH, IT WAS STERN!

As a consolation I watched the end of the O.C. (pure genius to play it from 7am-8am every morning) and didn’t start getting ready for work until 8am. 8AM! Pretty rock n roll right?


Last night the local mosque was in full force. At around 5am (post 4am call to prayer) something started that sounded like a Transformer (robots in disguise) reading from the Koran with loud swooshing noises in the background like the theme music from Doctor Who. My trusty iPod drowned out the sound and I was asleep again in no time.

Then I had a dream about an earthquake. The Gilmore Girls and I were in a library and when a huge earthquake shook the foundations of the building I ever so quickly remembered my training and ducked under a desk.

When I woke up there was some serious rumbling going on, like perhaps the aftermath of a tremor? No one else felt it though, so I guess I can’t claim my first earthquake yet.

THEN, I woke up to this:

It was dying on the floor next to my bed. It was bigger than my bed actually. About 8 ft long.

Sleep should not be this eventful.