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Two months later



This is me when I arrived in Fort Cochin, India after a surprisingly exhausting day of flying. That was two months ago!

Right now I’m in the wonderful B&B Albis in Fiumicino (Rome) resting up before a very early flight tomorrow morning. (Early flight out of Rome? Look no further than B&B Albis! They are kindly dropping me off at the airport at 5am and will deliver breakfast to my room at 4.45am).

Since I took that sleepy photo I’ve had an exceptional two months! I have words and pictures galore that I will post here soon. Although, maybe not immediately, because next stop is Portland, Oregon for the World Domination Summit. Although I will be surrounded by more bloggers than you can hyperlink to, I won’t be spending a minute of my time in front of a computer screen.

Starlings and hearts on Jess’s honeymoon

Jess took photos of starlings on her honeymoon in Italy a few years ago. Take a look at the second photo. I think you’ll agree it was very appropriate.

I think these photos would even impress Richard Barnes.

Richard Barnes found starlings too

Yesterday I posted about my successful search for starlings in Rome.

Coincidence! This morning, VSL sent me an email about Richard Barnes amazing photography of starlings in the Roman countryside.

From Richard Barnes’ “Murmer” collection

Starlings found

Do you remember when I was in Rome and went searching for starlings?

I found them! One night, just as we reached the Tiber for the beginning of a walk, we heard the noise. I’d heard it the day before too, but hadn’t been able to see anything. This time, I looked up and saw this:

Listen out for the bonus commentary from MJ.

Then, reminded of the value of reading my camera manual (which I’ve never done so I couldn’t get very good shots), I captured a few more images from the Ponto Sisto.

Where can I learn to play drums like this

MJ and I visited the Pope while we were in Italy. He couldn’t come down from his window so he just chatted to us from up there. It was pretty cold so maybe the cardinals wouldn’t let him out to play.

He was pretty nice, although he felt compelled to repeat everything in three different languages. He even sang us a song! It wasn’t very boppy but it had a nice melody.

Where’s Benedict?

There he is!

As we left St Peter’s Square we wandered into these guys:

I want to join a drumming gang! I’m not much of a joiner but I think this will be worth it. You get to belt the daylights out of your drum but in an orderly, nice way.