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9 things to do before 2009

  1. Read five novels
  2. Cook dinner at home once a week (and invite at least one person to eat it)
  3. Write one story or essay to completion
  4. Go to Lake Toba
  5. Go scuba diving in Sabang
  6. Paint the ugly door in my bedroom
  7. Go on a day hike on the outskirts of Banda Aceh
  8. Make sushi in Banda Aceh
  9. Post on Where is Sarah? 150 times

This list seems so tame, and yet I might not even come close to achieving these goals. As I was typing the list into this post I revised the first goal to read “five” instead of “ten” novels (“come on Sarah, as if you would get through ten” I read like a turtle…if turtles could read, presumably they would be slow.)

I don’t like the sound of scuba diving at all, but it seems crazy not to try it once. Maybe I will even aim for it this weekend. It would be great to cross the awful things off my list first.

9 things to do before 2009

Today I read one woman’s list of 40 things to do before 40. It was a really silly list, no offense to that lady’s life. I won’t link to her post because then she will be able to track this post and she probably doesn’t need to hear something like this.

But anyway, her silly list inspired me and I’ve decided to make a list of 9 things to do before 2009! Who wants in? I’m still formulating the list in my head, and it’s nowhere near ready for public display yet, but I want to get others on board so we can publicly launch our lists together. I know at least a few of you love a gimmick so let’s get cracking!

Some of the things on my list will be goals (e.g. read one of the very long classics on my bookshelf) and others will the maintenance of an ongoing resolution (e.g. cook a real meal at home at least once a week…believe me this will require a major overhaul of current practice).

I’ll post my list next week. If you want to join me: send me an email/facebook message (if you can’t do either of those just post your email address in the comments and I’ll email you).