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It’s raining in Roma

It’s raining! But of course Rome deals with it gracefully, with just a few slippery cobblestones to contend with.

I, on the other hand, was not so well equipped, but I knew I wasn’t, so in some weird way, I guess I was.

My shoes, Italian brand Geox, have these nifty little holes in the soles – Geox: the shoe that breathes. Unfortunately, the shoe that can breathe is also the shoe that can drown. They’ve never handled wet weather well. I knew this would be a problem because it’s December in Europe, but these shoes are about four years old. Once they got so muddy that I threw them in bin, but then retrieved them because I thought I could revive them. Anyway, I figured the best way to let them go was to force myself into replacing them, which I kind of did today if you call blue gumboots a replacement for sensible black sneakers.

So now I’m back at the apartment for a sock/footwear switcheroo and waiting for my jeans to dry a bit. It’s almost midday which means it’s almost time for pizza.

I’m going on a hunt for starlings today. I noticed signs of their presence on the footpaths this morning. Squelching through bird poo is kinda gross, so I’m hoping a sighting of thousands of birds in formation will justify it. Thanks Yvonne for the link to the article, which is well worth reading.

Rainy day photos

The rainy season started on Saturday night. This was not a gradual seasonal shift: one day it was dry, the next it was wet. It rained for most of the day on Sunday, which was perfect for reading and movies and naps but when it stopped I took the chance to get some “fresh” air and go for a walk. I took my camera and new tripod with me and took these rainy day photos in my neighbourhood.

level 2

view from apartment building

broken sign



mum and girl on bike

peek through fence

Soi 5

Soi Ari Samphan

It’s Monday night and it’s raining hard.

It’s Monday night and it’s raining hard. I’m writing a big report with a very tight deadline so I’ve set myself up at my desk and am mentally prepared for a late night.

It’s raining so hard the signal for the TV was disturbed. Even though I was despondent when this happened it is for the best because Monday nights mean two episodes of House. It would have been too easy to lose two valuable report writing hours. Even with my laptop on the top of my lap and the intention of working while watching I can’t help focusing all my attention on dissecting the psyche of that complex and troubled Greg House.

The great thing about this rain is that I can turn my music up loud and know that my housemates can’t possibly hear it over the loud rain.

Bonus no.2 is that the rain drowns out my noisy and clattering air conditioner for once. I usually have to choose between oppressive heat and a clack clack clack errrrrrrr noise. Downside is that instead of taking advantage of the clatter-free air conditioning and having a gloriously uninterrupted and cool sleep I have to stay up and work. I know, I should be more appreciative of the clatter-free time to work, but can’t you just imagine how good that sleep would be…

The house is flooding, but fortunately the numerous holes in the roof and drains and the leaking doors all have the decency to be attached only to the laundry/entryway to my bathroom and toilet. It makes for slipperiness on the way to the toilet, but the lack of effective seals/the expectation of water from the shower and laundry means the water will dissipate through drains and holes as soon as the rain stops.

Please enjoy these photos of my flooded house.

The laundry

The front yard

 The backyard

The side of the house alley thing

Tonight after a formal auditing process I have identified the following animals living in my house:

  1. Cats
  2. Mongoose (mongeese?)
  3. Geckos
  4. Mice (fortunately not rats)
  5. Toads (unfortunately not frogs which are much more attractive)
  6. Many millions of mosquitoes
  7. Possibly that big spider I took a photo of, but I haven’t seen him since we met by the paper towel about one month ago (by the way Yvonne, I didn’t throw dirty socks at the spider. I just left him there and he was gone in the morning
  8. Stinky water in bathroom/laundry area. This is technically not an animal but it sure is a BEAST (har har).

Stinky water is common but usually reasonably inoffensive at my house. But tonight’s rain either sloshed everything around the drains or (unfortunately most likely) flushed my village’s sewage into my drains. Hopefully the well, and thus the water from the tap is safe from contamination.

Update: this morning the water was stinky coming out of the tap so I haven’t showered and I brushed my teeth with mouthwash.

Rocking Bali’s socks off and keeping the paps at bay

Last week there was a lack of inspiration and this week there is a lack of time. I don’t have enough time to write lots of words about Bali, but these photos are overdue. Probably all of these photos were taken by Meaghan and Beck.

Did I mention that we were traveling with a celebrity? Ryan was a HIT in Bali. He was pale, cute and smiled and laughed at EVERYONE (is there anyone that this kid doesn’t love?)

Here are just a few examples of Ryan-fever:

In the photo below Ryan is being held by our driver Made while some girls take photos of them both. This photo doesn’t even capture half of the extravaganza that was four girls spotting Ryan and going CRAZY.

Unfortunately it went to his head:

And it seems that I didn’t like sharing the spotlight at all:

Look at him…so smug and laughing. Yeah, it’s easy being on top Pal…just you wait. The death knell of your celebrity, Celebrity Big Brother is just around the corner for you.

When I was plotting my own comeback, I pretended to be Ryan’s friend. We went swimming.

We were all big fans of the pool.

Meags captured this postcard sunset when we had dinner at the ultra-deluxe La Luciolla. Oh my steak…I wish I could eat you all over again.

Sometimes it rained. A LOT.

Sometimes we rested with blankets over our heads.

One day we visited monkeys and spotted…A BABY!

Beck made a great nature documentary about this little guy’s bid for freedom that was curtailed (HA) when his mum grabbed his tail (HAHA). I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and will embed tomorrow.

The rains are ‘ere

Since about two weeks ago it has been raining every day. Not always a huge amount of rain, but enough to signal the beginning of the monsoon. But three days ago, on my way home from dinner it started to rain hard. It bucketed down. By the time I made it home there was a stream flowing through the driveway.

When I woke up the next morning it was still raining. The stream in my driveway had turned into a gushing river and I got soaked through when I dared to leave the cover of the porch to get into the car. It was only one step away!

This is what it looked like in the car on the way to work. I felt very sorry for the motorbike riders.

One of the major obstacles of driving through this rain was that the water on the road concealed the huge potholes we usually go to great lengths to avoid.

And just when I thought I’d seen a lot of water, we got to the guesthouse to pick up the new intern. This house is right next door to the giant house I was living in before.

The awful thing was that it kept raining that hard for another 8 hours, so imagine how much worse the flooding got. Apparently this amount of rain is not usual, but not entirely uncommon.

Did you know that having a good vocabulary can help you save the world from hunger?

Have a look at the Free Rice website. I got to 500 grains of rice before I felt guilty for wasting time.