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Big K and little kittens

Thanks guys for some great ideas for my meeting with Kevin 24/7. The tip about wearing deodorant was particularly useful (thanks Meags) because I just ran out this morning and hadn’t really thought about the increased chance of sweating it out when you meet the PM in a tropical setting.

An important aside. A photo of the two day old kittens that live at my friend’s house.

What would you ask the Prime Minister of Australia?

I and two other AYADs have 20 mins with the PM! 20 whole minutes! That means we have to do a lot more than shake his hand and say “yes, I am having a having a wonderful time in Aceh Prime Minister”.

So, help me out here. What would you ask the Prime Minister??

The second crisis in as many days

I just heard that our man K-Rudd is coming to visit Aceh in a couple of weeks and obviously he wants to catch up with me.

But wait…when are you coming Kevin? The same day that I fly back to Australia?? Noooooo.