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Status of second wives in Aus. the 30 second investigation.

I was just reading an article in The Age, Local Muslim Clerics Accused which is not an earth shattering article, but it does include this line:

And the report says some imams knowingly perform polygamous marriages, also knowing that the second wife, a de facto under Australian law, can claim Centrelink payments.

Is anyone else as surprised as I am that second wives have de facto status? Fascinating no?!

I started googling for more information and stumbled across this creeeeepy forum. “I’ve been watching Big Love and it looks kinda neato!” I think I’ll move onto to a new topic now…

Aceh in the news today

Gah, my Aceh Google Alert has so much news today! (google alerts+me=BFF)

Links to the best bits:

I’m trying to recall if I ever met this guy from New Zealand at a party in Banda Aceh. Hot new destination!! Banda Aceh! Sun, surf, relative anonymity!! Perfect for relaxation and police evasion!

A less shady New Zealander residing in Banda Aceh is a HERO! We all knew that about Cas already….But now the Red Cross and the newspaper have confirmed it! (Cas also gave me tips on how to fall asleep once for which I am eternally grateful: Cover your eyes with your hands, lie on your back with your legs against the wall. Both instructions sound ridiculous but I’ll show you in person and it will make sense…and it works).

Andrew Bolt said some stupid stuff about Papuan refugees. The link to Aceh is minor, but I’m glad this ended up in my inbox. It’s like a jolt of caffeine first thing in the morning! Oh Andrew Bolt…I just want to scruff your hair up and give you a Chinese burn.

Care for another reason to dislike oil companies?

Humanitarian aid workers killed in Afghanistan. More here.

Monkey/Journey to the West makes Olympics slightly less lame

Aceh conflict is old news

I just stumbled across an old article from The Age a year and a half before the tsunami at a time of renewed fighting between the Indonesian military and GAM (June 2003). Check out the great picture.

It’s always interesting to try to imagine this now mostly peaceful place just five years ago. All the evidence and the stories should make it easy, but it’s not. Reading a newspaper story is a bit different. I can’t really articulate why though. I guess that’s the beauty of a newspaper.

Can I remember reading articles like this in 2003? I have a vague recollection but not really. Perhaps if I’d known what my future held I would have paid a little more attention.

Read the article here: Aceh Media Plan in Chaos

Big Picture photos

I found a great website via Frontal Cortex with photos of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, taken from a helicopter that flew overhead. These photos are incredible…so incredible that my first instinct was that they were staged…Boo Sarah for your lack of faith.

But the photos of the Amazonian tribe were not the only things worth checking out on this site, The Big Picture. The photos of volcanoes and earthquakes are amazing, but my favourite is the series of photos of indigenous Brazilians who gather to protest the building of a new dam. I was shocked at the unexpected and gruesome turn it takes! Had I read the text I would have seen it coming. I’m glad I didn’t read the text.