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Last post coming live from Coburgistan

It’s 11.20pm on the 30th of November and I’m posting my 30th post for the month! Suck it NaBloPoMo – you thought you’d win, but I triumphed over your pointless evil.

Unfortunately posting on this blog is only one thing on a fairly extensive list of things I need to do before flying tomorrow but I think we’ve all fully grasped the abject failure of my organisational skills over the past week or so, so no need to go on and on and on. Oh no, too late.

Reporting back on the holiday reading plans, I’ve decided to take one book which I may or may not complete. I’ve settled on the delightful red edition of Pride and Prejudice I picked up in Bangkok but haven’t yet opened. (if you followed the link to the red edition of P&P you’ll see Days of Reading by Proust that drove me round the bend for a week of bus rides in Bangkok)


I just read back a couple of posts and picked out about five typos without much effort, so sorry about those. My favourite was the time when I called my camera a phone. The fact that many people’s phones are cameras probably made it less stupid to the reader, but that doesn’t get away from the fact that I thought ‘camera’ and wrote ‘phone’.

Farewell from Coburgistan. My next post will come from a place with about as many Italians as Coburg, but many more tourists.

Your weekends are numbered


What a powerhouse of a weekend. I’m so tired that I can’t even write sentences. So I offer you my weekend in a numbered list.

  1. Friday morning bus ride to Melbourne. Bus driver yelled at me for not buying by ticket earlier – I mounted high-horse, pointed out that I was a customer and referred to his ‘tone of voice’. Uncharacteristic but extremely gratifying behaviour
  2. Arrived in Melbourne, put all worldly possessions into locker at State Library, went to library to prepare for phone interview for job
  3. Had phone interview – think it went well
  4. Met friends for Friday night drinks – drinks very well enjoyed
  5. Realised has been enjoying drinks too much – worldly possessions locked inside State Library, unable to be retrieved until Saturday 10am which doesn’t help me because I have to leave the city to attend a wedding at 8.30am. Outfit for wedding, makeup, toothbrush inside locker.
  6. Way too early Saturday morning – go to Lara’s to borrow clothes, Greg drives us to Glenburn to fight off burglars at Elisa’s farm
  7. Fought off burglars and made salads, played with Sook the cute old dog
  8. Celebrate Elisa’s wedding in a ger
  9. Drove back to Melbourne listening to Gold 104 Party Rock Hits – Queen, ELO, Elvis Costello, Warrant, etc.
  10. Caught up with Robyn before she flew off to Perth much too soon
  11. Slept
  12. Sunday morning – waited for a break in rain to go to State Library to retrieve possessions
  13. Went back to Lara’s relished opportunity to shower and change out of three-day-old clothes
  14. Made bee-line for nearest purveyor of dirty chinese food suitable for hangover
  15. Went back to Lara’s, read the last 50 pages of John Banville’s The Sea
  16. Relocated to Rowan’s new house, pretended to help unpack
  17. Cooked dinner
  18. Slept

Bill Withers for Friday morning


Missed the train

Post 27/30.

I missed the train this morning. The 20 minute drive to the train station is usually fraught as imagine the train chugging out of the station before we get there, but it never actually happens. This time, the train was pulling out as we arrived.

So the chase was on to the next station about 20kms away. Turns out the train has a more direct route to the next town and doesn’t get stuck behind road works vehicles.

The consolation coffee on Lake Nagambie was nice though.

Train photo from Weekly Times

Lake photo from Centretown Motel Nagambie

Darwin + fireworks

This is post 26 out of 30 to meet my own slightly altered NaBloPoMo challenge. Only four more to go before the end of the month.

So, I was in Darwin with the girls and we went to Mindel markets and it was the last market before the wet season so they had fireworks. I was all, ‘fireworks are endlessly entertaining, but seriously, why bother taking photos? Just enjoy the moooooment man…’ and then I noticed this fireworks setting on  my phone and realised, photos of fireworks are actually the best thing ever.