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Stuck in traffic?

Thank you everyone for sending me “get well soon” emails. I am healthy again and perhaps even feeling at my best since arriving! (Probably just jinxed it. Helloooo typhoid)

I didn’t even get to take a day off work! On Monday morning I was back in the UNIFEM car stuck in traffic once again. For a small city the traffic flows unbelievably poorly.

This is a photo of the stationary traffic. It doesn’t even look that busy but we sure weren’t moving.

Wait…What is that up ahead?…
Soldiers! And they are singing! Do Australian soldiers sing? Do they march up the streets of Canberra?

After struggling for a while we finally get in beside them to overtake. I think my driver Pak Halim was just trying to get a good vantage point for my photography.

Eventually we make it to the office and watch the soldiers as they march past. Off they go, merrily marching…oh no….

I’ve been spotted!

What is that shining young representative of the military doing?

Oh yes, he’s giving me the finger(s).

Debate amongst yourselves if you think he intended to show me a peace sign. And then further debate if it is hypocritical for a soldier to make a pledge for peace, which might lead to further debate on whether a highly militarised government has a greater or lesser chance of achieving peace.

Have fun with that and report back in the comments.