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The fate of Kopi Manis

Kopi Manis’s owner is back. But before I break out the champagne (not that you can buy champagne in Aceh)….

Last night he came over to see Kopi and begin the delicate handover process. You know, reintroduce puppy and owner, allow Kopi to refamiliarise herself with her owner’s smell, etc.

But we didn’t get around to discussing handover because it took Kopi’s owner about 15 seconds to realise that his rooftop was no longer a suitable home for this very active and MUCH larger dog. So he asked if Kopi could live with us forever.


As much as I love Kopi (still only about 1/100th as much as I love say, the cake I’m eating right now), there is no way I will ever be able to tolerate her early morning barking. Or her mid-morning, mid-afternoon, mid-evening, late-night and other incidental barking. Or when she scrapes her food bowl along the cement to get attention. Or when she bites really hard. Or how she’s stopped sitting when I tell her to sit.

Our housekeeper would also like Kopi to leave so she can replant the flower bed and hang out washing without Kopi tearing it off the line and making it a comfy bed for herself in the mud.

I have a secret plan for Kopi which I REALLY hope works out. I think she will be happier if it does, and it means she will be very, VERY far away from my bedroom window at 5.30am.

But in case I can’t pull it off, can you guys spread the word that we have a puppy that needs a home (don’t mention the barking and flower bed destruction though)? I know that the bulk of my readers are in Melbourne, and perhaps none of them are in Aceh, but you never know who is connected to who.

I was going to take a photo of Kopi to update you all on how big she’s grown, but she’s so excitable I can’t get far enough away from her to take a photo. If nothing else I will take a photo of her biting my foot later this evening and post it here tomorrow.
Update: This is the best I could do (note the torn up box in the background. I thought she might have wanted a cosy place to sleep):

CreaMayo Delight and other traditional Acehnese foods

I have just discovered a great restaurant in Banda Aceh. It has a very fancy interior including leather seats, artwork on the walls and is extremely clean. It seems to have taken on the role of “haven from the squares-ville world of Shari’a law” too. Quite a few women go there without a head scarf, and sometimes a boy and a girl will be there on what looks a lot like a “date”.

This place also has a really catchy name. One of those “I wish I thought of that” kind of names.

Pizza Hut.

Like a hut with pizza in it!

Before you ask how I can overlook the poor quality of the pizza in my ode to PH, I must assure you that Indonesian Pizza Hut is very different to Australian Pizza Hut. Let me introduce you to a new world of culinary excellence.

Exhibit 1: When I was there on Saturday night I asked my friend to choose the pizza we would eat, and he suggested the “CreaMayo Delight”. What is the CreaMayo Delight, I asked. “Oh just your basic mayonnaise pizza”. We ordered it because it seemed too unbelievably delicious to leave untested.

The pizza was criss-crossed with mayonnaise and chilli sauce over chicken and tomato. And just in case you really love your mayo, a little fondue tray of mayonnaise stood on a podium in the middle of the pizza (for dipping purposes I assume).

The verdict on CreaMayo Delight: Kopi Manis LOVED the left overs.

failed sleep-in

Boy oh boy, I am sleepy grumpity grumps today. I haven’t been getting to bed early enough this week so I decided to take advantage of my boss’s absence today by sleeping in and come into work a little bit late. In truth I could probably come into work a little bit late any day because no one really notices, and no one would care, but here’s a secret about Sarah: I NEVER break rules unless I can guarantee I won’t get caught. Yep, my sole motivation for doing the right thing is to keep myself out of trouble.So I went to bed last night without setting the alarm and had visions of sleeping in my very comfy bed until 8am…but it wasn’t to be. I guess I’m being punished for something (probably my spineless, authority-fearing ways) and my punishment has been delivered in the form of this:

Kopi Manis has a truly excellent early morning routine of barking incessantly and pushing her water bowl around on the cement (bark, bark, scrape, bark, bark, scrape). Well, I showed her who was boss…I got out of bed at 7.15am to give her food (that she doesn’t need because she is fat). Yep, the dog wins. But I gave her a stern look. OH YEAH, IT WAS STERN!

As a consolation I watched the end of the O.C. (pure genius to play it from 7am-8am every morning) and didn’t start getting ready for work until 8am. 8AM! Pretty rock n roll right?

Train puppy: Check.

I trained the puppy in about 10 minutes. All it took was a bit of food and voila, the dog can sit. She’s still a little bit psychotic at times, but now I can break her out of it because we have a command she understands. She’s also figured out that biting isn’t a game. She still tries to bite sometimes, and I think she’s trying to convince me to reconsider my stance on biting (no really, it’s SOOOOO much fun!) but the improvement is huge.

I would LOVE to get her a collar and lead so we can go walking (a guard dog wouldn’t be a bad idea sometimes), but no one in town sells anything like dog supplies (the foreigner supermarket has just started stocking dog food though!) so I will wait until I go to Bangkok in a couple of weeks.

Try Montage-a-Google!

Kopi Menace

In response to my puppy parenting dilemmas I got two suggestions on how to train a puppy:

1. Ask Lara (the puppy whisperer)
2. Tough love

The funny thing is, rather coincidentally, these are the only two things that I’ve tried already.

As you know from earlier posts, Lara was visiting a couple of weeks ago. She suggested a couple of things and I’ve been diligently playing tug-of-war since. I have also been tough (ceasing play time when the biting gets too vigorous, and smacking on the nose) but the dog is getting progressively more psychotic.

Now I am in a catch-22. I think Kopi Manis probably needs more attention than she’s getting (I’m at work from early morning to early evening), but she’s now so bad at biting that even if I wanted to keep playing with her I have to go inside to save myself! As for the tough love, I have no qualms about being tough to a puppy, but she fights back!

At least my fears for Kopi when she is left to fend for herself (when my friend leaves Indonesia in 18 months time) have subsided. This puppy could take on the biggest, meanest dog ever and tear it to shreds.

Can a puppy have slow-onset rabies?