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I live here now

My new home (for the next two days), Jakarta

My new home (for the next two days), Jakarta

No really…where is Sarah?

Work is a bit nuts lately so I’ve had no time to post. I just got back from a few days in Jakarta where I had very little internet access (why is it so hard to use internet at business hotels?). The craziness continues for the next few weeks, but here are a few photos from the last little while demonstrating that life is not all work and no play.

Jess and I played in this booth recreating the snowy landscape. It was even temperature controlled inside! It was advertising a new toothpaste and the whole booth smelled minty fresh!

Jess playing Eskimo. This booth was advertising a new toothpaste. It was temperature controlled and smelled minty fresh!

Yupa at 6.30am on a Sunday waiting for the train to Kanchanaburi...that never came.

Yupa at 6.30am on a Sunday. Waiting for the train to Kanchanaburi...that never came. We all went back to bed.

Walking home from work

On the way home from work


Performers from Nias at CFAN in Jakarta

Look at this guy's cheek!

Look at this guy's cheek!

On arrival in new country, so many potential posts, so little internet time

I’m in Jakarta now, spending a week doing “in-country training” which has so far consisted of a language teacher cooking us food she can’t eat (fasting for Ramadan) and telling us about our star signs (in English). We stepped up training this afternoon by going to a shopping centre with a swimming pool and taking a very enjoyable dip.

I’ve taken a few photos and have even racked up a few ideas for posts, but left my camera in my room when I came downstairs to a cafe to use the wireless internet. If I intend to be a diligent poster I am going to have to be on the ball in future.

Jakarta is hot and polluted as you might imagine, but I love it. In the beginning everything just smells and looks and feels exotic and “away from home”. I’m guessing that could wear pretty thin pretty quickly if I lived here. We spent at least three hours in traffic today. One of those hours was pretty bloody awful because I needed to wee. The bus driver kindly stopped at a petrol station for me.

I will be flying to Banda Aceh on Friday morning after a big night of karaoke we have planned for Thursday night. I can’t wait to get there and start sorting myself out.