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Best pizza in Chiang Mai – Gianni de Burchio Italian Restaurant

For my final post on our trip to Chiang Mai, I am going to share with you that delightful city’s greatest delight.

Gianni de Burchio Italian restaurant.

Gianni de Burchio Italian restuarant Chaing Mai

Gianni de Burchio Italian restuarant Chaing Mai

Yes, yes, temples, markets, Thai food. All part of Chiang Mai’s endless charm. But Gianni de Burchio…well.

MJ and I stumbled across this place on our first afternoon in Chiang Mai and pizza sounded pretty tasty. Oh how I underestimated Gainni de Burchio! The pizza was sensational! Maybe some of the best pizza I’ve…ever…eaten. I know, I’m as shocked writing that as you are reading it.

There are a surprising number of pizza shops in Chiang Mai, and I believe I saw two that claimed to have the best pizza in town. I wonder if it could have been better than Gianni de Burchio? I can’t tell you because when we felt like eating pizza again…we went straight back to Gianni de Burchio.

Our second lunch was quite a bit lengthier and involved much more alcohol (and very strong coffee). In the interest of full disclosure, Gianni, who runs the restaurant with his wife, plied us with booze while feeding us things like homemade ricotta and lasagne that, you guessed it, was some of the best lasagne I’ve ever eaten. No offense to the people in my life who make delicious lasagne (you know who you are), but this was….almost as good as yours!