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Things that make me laugh

It has been a busy week! I can’t actually recall ever working as long hours as I have worked this week. It’s been fun, but I can tell I need a rest because last night when I lost a day’s worth of work on the report that I have been working on (the reason for the long hours) all I did was giggle.

Me: hehe, Mike I think I just lost my report….hehe
Mike (my housemate): ummm, like ‘lost it’ lost it?
Me: just one day’s work. hee hee.
Mike: should you be laughing?
Me: heee heee

Now…get ready for some information that is going to have you all booking the next flight to Aceh (but don’t forget about visas! Call me and we can chat).

This morning I went to a cafe and bought this:

A coffee and a muffin!

But here’s something, I emptied the coffee from that giant paper cup into my Starbucks mug (Starbucks haters can keep their rants to themselves, this was the only decent mug I could find on the WHOLE island of Sumatra), but…the contents of that giant paper cup only filled my mug three quarters full. I think I’ve uncovered a paper cup scam. Cafes give outrageously tall cups to those silly people who are all like, “I simply must drink a GRANDE latte in the morning before I speak to ANYONE,” but as the cup gets taller it also gets skinnier and those people are really just drinking a regular sized coffee.

Earlier this week, when the report writing insanity began, I lost one whole hour to this website.

Because none of you probably followed that link, I will just tell you about it. The website is called “Postcards from yo Momma” and is a collection of funny emails from mums. I was shocked to see that other mum silliness in the world is actually very similar to my own mum’s silliness.

I even found this post from April 8 that sounded awfully familar:


What are you doing getting bitten by mosquitoes?!! You will get MALARIA – and i will have to start worrying about that instead of typhoid. Maybe you have got dengue fever even! Are the drugs working? Are you still alive?

OK, so that is actually an email from MJ, but it is posted on the website.

When I found the site I thought I would look back through the many millions of MJ’s emails and find one that made me laugh. Uhhh, it took me approx. 10 seconds. You are a very silly woman who writes lots of funny emails MJ. Keep up the good work!