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What a week

Last week was odd. Almost every member of the family was sick at one point, like sick enough to stay in bed for a day, someone went to the hospital and another one called an ambulance. Gee, more drama than one week needs.

My fancy new phone was stolen too.

There was a tsunami in Samoa, flooding in the Philippines, an earthquake in Indonesia. My amazing Aceh housemate’s house was destroyed by the earthquake, she and her husband are OK. A facebook update from a common friend confirmed she was OK, a follow up email from her gave me a bit more detail, and then I learnt that she’d lost her house via a newspaper article in Melbourne (her story starts in the 4th last paragraph). The newspaper also confirmed that she is pregnant. I hope she doesn’t mind that the newspaper told me before she got the chance. She’d alluded to it in her email but wanted to tell me ‘in person’ via a skype call.

Happy news about pregnancy aside, it got to a point where I lost count of how many sets of “bad things happen in threes” I was up to.

I just followed a link to an article on Twitter which coincidentally and very surprisingly mentions another friend in the midst of earthquake recovery. We chatted on skype on Friday as he waited in a UK airport to be flown out to Padang. Now I know he’s arrived and at work.

Last week was also a really fun week. Em came to stay in Rushworth while she was on school holidays, so we did some gardening, baked banana bread and played Connect 4. Then Siobhan, Abby and Chloe joined us and we stayed indoors doing nice indoor things while it seemed to rain for a few days. Most of us slept Saturday away as we waded through a nasty virus. I slept through my 10 year school reunion. I don’t recall ever having a week that was so quiet and so eventful at the same time.

The Tuesday Turn Around

Don’t worry everyone…I’m BACK IN BUSINESS!

Where was Sarah? I was stuck in bed for two days with some stupid illness! But I told that stupid illness to take a hike (it just took me a couple of days to convey the message clearly), and I’m back in the office and ready to rumble.

And guess what else? My stats have gone and sailed past the magic 10,000! Thank you to all those who helped me reach my goal. Oh gosh, I was just so happy to have been nominated…

But now I am going to bring a new meaning to ‘knuckle down’ and work like focused person for the next three days before I board the Good Ship Melbourne-Bound on Thursday night.

Is it destiny or fortune that brings me a cold?

I spent Tuesday afternoon with Serene Destiny.

She’s a lovely Sicilian who lives in Norway, is travelling around Australia and came to Melbourne to visit Clare. Serene Destiny will more quickly respond to Serena Sorte if you call her in the street, but assuming that not all readers of this blog are fluent in Italian I took the liberty of translating into English. No, no, don’t feel bad…Just because you’re a brute, an animal who can’t speak Italiano, doesn’t mean you don’t offer the world something.

We walked from Clare’s house in Kensington to the Botanic Gardens via coffee at the Journal Cafe.

Serena requested that we have good coffee, wanting to make the most of Melbourne’s coffee before heading north in search of warmth and the unavoidable bad nescafe. I felt the weight of this request heavily on my shoulders. Finding a coffee that an Italian aproves of? I like good coffee but I choose my cafes based on other things too (lighting, noise, music), and even then…what if they’ve all changed since last year? So I called Lara because this girl knows good coffee and she knows the city as of September 2008. Turns out that The Journal, our old favourite, is still a favourite, which made me very happy (that things don’t change too much). The coffee was excellent and the food was too. And they were playing Kate Bush!

Then, walking through the Botanic Gardens at 5pm, the sun setting, heading back into the city, crossing the Yarra, a picturesque Melbourne moment! The blossoms on the trees! The rowers pulsing down the river!

Oh, I took some photos!

After a first rate Melbourne afternoon I dopped Serena off at Clare’s work, the North Fitzroy Arms. I would just drop her off and head back to Benjamin’s, cook dinner and tick items off my to-do list. Enough messing around Sarah. You have things to do.

But…oh North Fitzroy Arms, it’s been so long since I last walked through the doors from the icy, cruel world outside into your warm embrace. And it’s steak night! Clearly this is Serene Destiny. So I call Greg and propose that he join us. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to have steak night without Greg in attendance. Perhaps it’s like a steak night quorum. Greg was there within minutes and soon we were eating $12 steaks.

As Clare drove me home after her shift ended (and I got lost because I forgot which streets were where), we talked about serene destiny and I thought “gee, I wish I had an Italian surname that meant something nice like destiny” when Clare kindly pointed out that Destiny and Fortune had spent the day together.

I don’t know whether Destiny was just stronger than Fortune that day but we both started the day with scratchy throats and I ended it feeling ready to climb into bed and never get out. I was well and truly under the weather by Wednesday and now it’s Thursday and I’m planning on pushing myself only as far as Nicole’s apartment down the road for a cup of tea.