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Oh great day! Wireless at home!

Glory to god in the highest for giving me free wireless at home. This means I can blog to my heart’s content out of work hours and will never again fall down on my blogging responsibility.

To commemorate this occasion I will post a photo of me in my new Christmas PJs (thanks Beck and MJ) – my attire of choice when using the Internet at home.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to take this photo down in a matter of hours because it feels REALLY CREEPY to have a photo of myself in PJs on my blog.

UPDATE: The photo lasted for five days but eventually it had to go…

My very own new home

Sunday night

Guess where I am? Sitting in my new apartment! Contracts have been signed, a billion gagillion baht has been paid up in advance, and I’m ready to go…for one year! I am completely weirded out (in a good way) that I will be in the same apartment for a whole year. Such…stability. Perhaps that says a lot for my unrelenting need for change, but it also says ONE YEAR! I might as well decorate!

One of the very cool things about my apartment is that I’m its very first tenant. That means my bed is brand new, and the fridge still has the operating manual sitting in the crisper. I have a big balcony with a beautiful view of a brick wall, but unlike other ‘balconies’ there is more than ‘standing room only’. There is serious lounging potential (if one doesn’t mind a bit of stifling heat). My apartment has a kitchen, lounge room, bedroom and bathroom and all but the bathroom is separated by imaginary walls in my head! Yes, it’s one very multipurpose room, but I love it…a small space designed to to feel a lot  bigger.

Monday afternoon

This is going to sound like a bit of an Oscar’s speech but I really do need to thank a number of people who helped me find the place, do the negotiating, scrape together huge amounts of cash at short notice, etc… There were quite a few factors working against the smooth flow of the day yesterday and as my nerves frayed (convinced something would intervene and tear my new home away from me) I was overwhelmed by the extra help I was getting from people I know well and people I didn’t know at all.

How’s this for a great spiritual problem: I am receiving too much! I needed to send gratitude out by the bucket load for fear of two things. 1) that people wouldn’t know I was grateful, 2) Karmic backlash. I called in favours that weren’t mine to call in! So my favours bank is in serious deficit. I sent out a few shout outs to the Universe in general as I drove along in a taxi yesterday (because, as I might have already told you, the universe is ON MY SIDE in a big way…I have proof), I also did some victory dances throughout the day, but I need to step it the gratitude and the giving. I’m thinking some kind of offering to the gods could be helpful (any and all gods), but I’m also just on the look out for any opportunities to pay it back or forward (probably both to be on the safe side).

Any ideas?

The fate of Kopi Manis

Kopi Manis’s owner is back. But before I break out the champagne (not that you can buy champagne in Aceh)….

Last night he came over to see Kopi and begin the delicate handover process. You know, reintroduce puppy and owner, allow Kopi to refamiliarise herself with her owner’s smell, etc.

But we didn’t get around to discussing handover because it took Kopi’s owner about 15 seconds to realise that his rooftop was no longer a suitable home for this very active and MUCH larger dog. So he asked if Kopi could live with us forever.


As much as I love Kopi (still only about 1/100th as much as I love say, the cake I’m eating right now), there is no way I will ever be able to tolerate her early morning barking. Or her mid-morning, mid-afternoon, mid-evening, late-night and other incidental barking. Or when she scrapes her food bowl along the cement to get attention. Or when she bites really hard. Or how she’s stopped sitting when I tell her to sit.

Our housekeeper would also like Kopi to leave so she can replant the flower bed and hang out washing without Kopi tearing it off the line and making it a comfy bed for herself in the mud.

I have a secret plan for Kopi which I REALLY hope works out. I think she will be happier if it does, and it means she will be very, VERY far away from my bedroom window at 5.30am.

But in case I can’t pull it off, can you guys spread the word that we have a puppy that needs a home (don’t mention the barking and flower bed destruction though)? I know that the bulk of my readers are in Melbourne, and perhaps none of them are in Aceh, but you never know who is connected to who.

I was going to take a photo of Kopi to update you all on how big she’s grown, but she’s so excitable I can’t get far enough away from her to take a photo. If nothing else I will take a photo of her biting my foot later this evening and post it here tomorrow.
Update: This is the best I could do (note the torn up box in the background. I thought she might have wanted a cosy place to sleep):

Breaking News: evicted

I’m getting evicted with three days notice. I expected that as everyone else moved out the family who owns the house would want it back but I didn’t expect to be booted out so suddenly.

Fortunately I think we’ve found a place for the next month at least. It’s an empty house so once Clara the intern leaves at the end of January I will need to find a new house mate if I want to keep it. It’ll be great to have a place of our own so we can get rowdy/have guests over/make a mess as we please.

An ode to my new home

Last week while, I was homeless, I received two signs from the Universe in quick succession. The message was clear: find a home!

The first message was from Grand Days by Frank Moorhouse:

The opera played on and she thought to herself, each of us has a space around us which we could sculpture, and then we could work outwards, each from our gardens, spreading into the world, as in Geneva the League would build a Palais des Nations in the parc l’Ariana, and grandeur and reasoned order would spread outwards. But unless that centre was is good working order, no good order could flow from it.

Here I was, languishing without a centre in good working order. What was I thinking?! (I’m starting to think my rat infested centre might not exactly be in such good working order, but at least it’s a starting point right?)

Shortly after reading this passage I moved onto Star Magazine. If I didn’t get the message the first time the The StarScope by Jennifer Angel was happy to hit me over the head with it:

Transforming your house into a home provides comfort and belonging. Let a sweetheart know that his or her opinion is appreciated and respected. Money mix-ups are likely; double check the details.

OK, I know only the first line is relevant but I just have to mention that this star sign was written for the week that the tax office gave me a stack of money and promptly sent me a bill asking for it all back. Money mix-up, I think soooo! Spooky, right? Obviously completely wrong about the sweetheart knowing his/her opinion is appreciated and respected. I mean…come on…I don’t care what you have to say.

In conclusion I am very happy to have a home. And will be even happier when it stops smelling of rat wee. Furthermore, star signs are obviously true!