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Women hold up…

I moved to a new apartment on Monday but didn’t get electricity until Thursday. As a consequence I maintained a schedule this week of:

  • moving,
  • unpacking,
  • finding somewhere to sleep once it got too dark to unpack any more (thank you to guardian angels who took me in),
  • getting up and going home early each morning to get ready for work,
  • going to work, then
  • doing it all over again.

On Wednesday I was still in high spirits, if miffed at the state of electricity companies in Victoria (tell ANYONE you know you’re having trouble with your electricity and they will tell you an even more harrowing tale).

By Thursday I was exhaaaausted.  Zombiedom kicked in in a big way. So I muddled my way through work that day, traipsing back and forth between the office and home to check whether the electricity had been turned on.

I’d like to think it was my zombie state that caused me to follow a few more links on the internet than usual. I am pleased I did because I found the breathtaking preview (what we Australians call movie trailers) for Half the Sky.

I’m already on the look out for when it will be screening in Australia so I can arrange for everyone I know to see it. If you know anything about a planned Australian release, let me know.

This film follows the book of the same name by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Learn more about the Half the Sky movement here.