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The Secret World of the Hair Whisperer

So last week I went to my hairdresser who I’ve named ‘the hair whisperer’ for her ability to give me an amazing haircut on absolutely no input from me. She doesn’t speak English, my Thai does not extend to hair adjectives (it doesn’t really extend anywhere at all).

I’d had a three month absence from the hairdresser because I’m trying to grow my hair and cutting it seems to be counter-intuitive to that aim. My hair had just gotten long enough to put into a pony-tail. This was a huge bonus in the humid hair frizz land of Bangkok, but it was getting out of control so I was willing to take a cut that would set my pony-tail aspirations back a few weeks. So I sat down and conveyed that I wanted just a little bit removed (scissor signal with hands, the thai word for ‘little bit’).

Now, I don’t doubt that the hair whisperer communicates with my hair and knows what it wants, it’s just that I’m pretty sure my hair wanted to stay long. Turns out she heard  my hair say, “CUT ME OFF!” So now I have shorter hair than I did three months ago.

And so, back to square one….sigh.

An interlude (elections and hair)

The Visa Runner’s guide to Malaysia will continue later (Part 2: The Indonesian Embassy will be much shorter than Part 1, I promise).

But for now I must post about the excellent news that the ALP won the election!

I don’t have anything thoughtful and fascinating to say about it but didn’t want Where is Sarah? to let it pass by without acknowledgment (this blog is an important historical record after all).

Moving right along, here is a really grainy photo of me striking a really stupid pose to show off my new hair (the window is in the frame because I wanted to include a bit of fancy hotel room, but it didn’t work).

I got it cut and chemically straightened so this is what it looks like when I wake up in the morning! No brushing required. Go toxic chemicals! I can wash it and leave it to air dry as well. Finally I have low-maintenance hair for a low-maintenance (read: lazy) person.