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Nine learnings on privilege and diversity

I am a big fan of Courtney E. Martin, whom I’ve written about before – the first time about her great piece, Crisis of Attention and Intention.

So I was delighted to read this piece, Nine learnings on privilege and diversity, which feels like a nine-point companion piece to my blog post from a couple of weeks ago, A day at the dairy.

How about this:

1. Friendship is the most powerful “diversity strategy” there is.

There is nothing more important than creating meaningful and organic relationships with people across the various borders that have historically divided us. It is through these real relationships–whole, vulnerable, reciprocal–that we really learn about our own blind spots and the beauty of others’ perspectives.

And this:

8. It’s not about making policies for people, but making policies with people.

People at the decision-making table need to reflect the diversity that you want your policies to reflect. Asking, “How will this affect marginalized people?” is another worthwhile, but inadequate question. Better yet, let marginalized people help architect the policy in the first place.

The other seven points are worth reading too. Courtney was writing on the Center for Courage and Renewal website. I like the sound of them.

What makes a perfect wedding?


1. A beautiful setting

2. Friends and family reuniting

3. Happy people

Mands and Matt’s wedding ticked all the boxes (and more). What a great weekend. What a great celebration. What a great reason for a party.

Congratulations team A&M Vasey!

When you get chocolate in the mail

Yvonne sent me a most dazzling and exotic package.

Theo Chocolate.

Can you see the collection of flavours in the package? How about:

  •  Bread & Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Fig, Fennel & Almond
  • Hazelnut Crunch
  • Chai Spice
  • Coconut Curry

When I opened this, Greg and Lara helped me conduct some serious taste testing. We chose a couple of flavours to embark on first.

Where else could we start than with:

Coconut curry 

Smell test

Lara: It smells like Keen’s Curry Powder

Greg:…Keen’s Curry Powder that’s been in the cupboard for a while.

Taste test

Lara: It’s like dinner and dessert in one.

Greg: I can’t taste the coconut much.

Sarah: It’s got kick!

Other thoughts

Lara: pleased with the generous sizes of the segments

Bread and Chocolate




By the time we got to this one, I forgot to take notes. Is it sufficient to say that it was really delicious?

More compelling reports as the other flavours get tasted (although they are being saved for special occasions so this could take a while).

Sarah turns 30

I turned 30 last weekend. I partied in a way that might not fly when I’m in my 30s. And I recovered in a way I hope to continue to do well into my 90s.

Behold the perfect party:

Casual – Friday night drinks at a bar. A facebook invite and a five hour window to drop in. 10 people or 100 people could have turned up and it would have been fun.

Collaborative – Laura was turning 25, I was turning 30. Milestones! We hosted together which makes a party so much nicer.

Cross-pollination – not like actual cross-pollination (ew), but a whole lot of people from different parts of life, all got together and mingled! What a relief – nothing worse than a party divided up like post-soviet nations.

Eden (study life) meets Sharryn (work life).

Work colleagues talk to friends!

Sebi and Bryant came in fancy dress as each other. (High school meets Bangkok)

Oh, that's me!

Eleanor and Nicole - destined to be friends (thank you Sarah for introducing them).

The birthday girls! Laura, the best work colleague/friend a Sarah could have.

Hello! We're having a successful party! Social capital in check!

Our new friend Tali (and she's from the south of the river - points for diversity)

The social overlap in this photo is so mind-blowing I can't even explain it.

Oh people talking about things. Go you good things.

And now to make turning 30 even better: 

On Sunday (the actual date of my birth), sisters and mother took me to Peninsula Hot Springs for some relaxation care of earth (and the clever people who got that lovely water from under the ground and into these lovely baths).

Taking a sun-bathing break after a long stint in 39 degree water.

Here's me in the spa.

And then we ate:

We wandered along the road and stumbled across the perfect lunch.

Delicious fish n chips, oysters, wine.

Let's look at it one more time.

Wine - can anyone remember what wine we were drinking?

Perfect 30th birthday – check!

Tits out Tuesday

I just spent the week in Darwin.

In Darwin there is a pub that proudly hosts Tits Out Tuesday. Our flight arrived JUST IN TIME!

As tempting as TOT was, we chose to go to the beach instead.

Tuesday night at beach

So Amanda has been living in Darwin for the past six months and through some bizarre miracle, Lara, Clare and I were all ready and willing to visit at the same time.

Tuesday night beach 2

Clare made the journey from Alice Springs to Darwin by road. If you’re not Australian you might want to look at a map so you can add the appropriate “phwoar, what a massive, hot, desert-y road trip” noises. Lara and I jumped on a plane and arrived a few hours and a very confusing time difference later.

Tuesday night at beach 3

But we did arrive with just enough time to get the beach for sunset. Lara and I brought almond croissants from Melbourne and Amanda had the Darwin mangoes ready to go.

Tuesday night at beach 4

More lovely Darwin moments to share later.