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An ode to my new home

Last week while, I was homeless, I received two signs from the Universe in quick succession. The message was clear: find a home!

The first message was from Grand Days by Frank Moorhouse:

The opera played on and she thought to herself, each of us has a space around us which we could sculpture, and then we could work outwards, each from our gardens, spreading into the world, as in Geneva the League would build a Palais des Nations in the parc l’Ariana, and grandeur and reasoned order would spread outwards. But unless that centre was is good working order, no good order could flow from it.

Here I was, languishing without a centre in good working order. What was I thinking?! (I’m starting to think my rat infested centre might not exactly be in such good working order, but at least it’s a starting point right?)

Shortly after reading this passage I moved onto Star Magazine. If I didn’t get the message the first time the The StarScope by Jennifer Angel was happy to hit me over the head with it:

Transforming your house into a home provides comfort and belonging. Let a sweetheart know that his or her opinion is appreciated and respected. Money mix-ups are likely; double check the details.

OK, I know only the first line is relevant but I just have to mention that this star sign was written for the week that the tax office gave me a stack of money and promptly sent me a bill asking for it all back. Money mix-up, I think soooo! Spooky, right? Obviously completely wrong about the sweetheart knowing his/her opinion is appreciated and respected. I mean…come on…I don’t care what you have to say.

In conclusion I am very happy to have a home. And will be even happier when it stops smelling of rat wee. Furthermore, star signs are obviously true!