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When you get chocolate in the mail

Yvonne sent me a most dazzling and exotic package.

Theo Chocolate.

Can you see the collection of flavours in the package? How about:

  •  Bread & Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Fig, Fennel & Almond
  • Hazelnut Crunch
  • Chai Spice
  • Coconut Curry

When I opened this, Greg and Lara helped me conduct some serious taste testing. We chose a couple of flavours to embark on first.

Where else could we start than with:

Coconut curry 

Smell test

Lara: It smells like Keen’s Curry Powder

Greg:…Keen’s Curry Powder that’s been in the cupboard for a while.

Taste test

Lara: It’s like dinner and dessert in one.

Greg: I can’t taste the coconut much.

Sarah: It’s got kick!

Other thoughts

Lara: pleased with the generous sizes of the segments

Bread and Chocolate




By the time we got to this one, I forgot to take notes. Is it sufficient to say that it was really delicious?

More compelling reports as the other flavours get tasted (although they are being saved for special occasions so this could take a while).

The mark of a good weekend

It’s Sunday evening and I’m back in Rushworth after another glorious weekend in Melbourne and the meandering bus trip home (the Vline bus ride deserves its own post)

The mark of a top notch weekend?

after the weekend

Bags under the eyes over a tasty Sunday lunch of course.

(tastiness courtesy of Blue Chillies on Brunswick St – Roti w Curry….mmmm)


Swedish Rye Bread in a Carton

I went to Ikea with Jess and Beck the other day. I didn’t need any furniture but I did need odd food from the Swedish grocer. I bought some biscuits and caviar in a tube, but my favourite purchase for the day was:

Swedish Rye Bread in a carton.

Swedish Bread

Following the instructions I:

  • just added water
  • shook (I feel like the word should be ‘shaked’ in this context)
  • poured

…and voila!

Swedish Bread2

It was a bit stinky when it first came out of the oven, but was pretty tasty. Over the next day or so it got even tastier until it was positively delicious!

Swedish Bread3

Farewell by the River

Today my office colleagues bid me farewell with lunch at my favourite river restaurant, Kin Lom Chom Saphan (which translates to Eat Breeze View Bridge…Keep reading and you will see why).


Flaminia keeps it real

Ting Ting, Flaminia, Me and Ju

Ting Ting, Flaminia, Me and Ju

Modelling for photos before the food arrives

Modelling for photos before the food arrives

Don't you wish you'd thought of that?!

Don't you wish you'd thought of that?!

...and then the food arrived

Then the food arrived...

...and we never looked back

...and we never looked back

Delicious fish

Delicious fish

Half the team

Half the team

The other half

The other half (and the brilliant Hannah in the bottom right corner)

Bringing down the house with a speech

Bringing down the house with a speech

two thirds of my programme team, Anya and Sarah

Two thirds of my programme team, Anya and Sarah

Eat Breeze View Bridge

Eat Breeze View Bridge

In-office detox: Day Three

I mentioned briefly on Monday that I was starting a week-long detox regime with my colleague Flaminia. It’s a really mild detox because we still need to function in the office. Well, let me tell you, Flaminia has broken about 50 rules already! Turns out it’s hard to tell an Italian not to drink coffee.

I, on the other hand, have been (almost not really) faultless – until today when there was delicious Northern Thai Curry in the canteen. I think it was made entirely of food on the “must not consume” list.

Here’s the detox paradox. I’m beginning to feel pretty all right, but yesterday I could have killed an innocent bystander. I mean, how creepy is that! I just cut out a few things that I don’t think I eat much of anyway, and I go a bit crazy! And what’s even more twisted is that I suffered through yesterday only to erase the hard-won benefits with curry.

You know what I think, I think this “I don’t eat much of it anyway” idea is a falsehood. I think I (and maybe we all) overestimate the amount of junk I can ply my body with. There will always be someone (or in my case an entire office full of people) who is eating loads of crappy fake food, and always someone who’s drinking five cups of coffee a day, so you think, “I don’t come close to consuming what that person does, so I’m doing OK.”

It’s amazing how often, when someone offers me a coffee and I decline, it’s followed up with, “but one or two cups a day is OK.” Like it’s medical fact. Here’s the fact, all bodies are different, with different capacity to consume, and I use my tiny Thai colleagues as proof that size might count in this equation, but it’s not everything. These girls can eat.

If I can’t go a couple of days eating mostly vegetables without feeling like a pile of crap then something is not OK. But then, that’s considered standard process in a detox, Step 1: stop eating crap; Step 2: Collapse into a heap for a few days and pray that you’ll come out the other end.

Am I expecting too much? Is it just part of the deal that a normal diet contains some stuff that isn’t ideal? But wait, this is withdrawal symptoms! That’s not cool!

I think we should start “detoxing” not just to feel better after a week, but to remind ourselves of the evils of the food we think is fine. Imagine how much worse it would be after Christmas or some other period where you “relax and enjoy” without measure.