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Save 0 cents

Making up for NaBloPoMo failure by posting twice in one day – a Saturday no less, and in the middle of a moment of socialising.

That reminds me of an ad that I saw on TV the other day. A guy is walking along with two girls and he’s pushing a poker machine everywhere with him. They get to a bar and the others go ahead but he can’t fit his poker machine in the door so he’s stuck outside. Then the tagline: “Is gambling interfering in your social life? Call the gambler’s anonymous hotline”.

“Is NaBloPoMo interfering in your social life?”

Anyway, Lara, Greg and I just went to the shops to buy ingredients for dinner and this sign made me giggle.


If I wasn’t worried about getting caught taking photos I might not have taken such a blurry photo. If you could read it properly you would notice that it’s a special: $9.99 – save 0 cents. But hurry, offer ends 09/11.

Lara and I laughed about the great deal but Greg called us on it, “Hey guys, don’t laugh, it all adds up”.

OK, time to get back to human interaction. Cooking Soto Ayam . yum.

Writing Thursday’s post on Wednesday night and not even faking it

Oh dear, it’s late again, and technically not Thursday yet – but I’ll schedule this to autopost. Is that allowed in NaBloPoMo?

Since we last met I got on the train to Melbourne and am now getting ready for long-awaited sleep in Jess’s toy room/ad hoc spare bedroom.

Best discovery ever happened today (what good fortune for this blog): First class on the train! The Shepparton-Melbourne train is pretty reliably unpleasant. It’s slow and you always get stuck next to someone who is, objectively speaking, awful. Today I wanted to get some work done (which I did – go me) so I decided to pay the extra for First class. It was sooooo worth it. Arm rests, drink tables, giant windows that aren’t so dirty that you’re grossed out when you look through them. I actually enjoyed the journey.

I’ve come to Melbourne with a purpose. Tomorrow I’m babysitting Jess’s kids while she and Mark go to Oaks Day. Have I ever told you about how much I don’t like the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne? Too much orange fake tan. But helping Jess decide what to wear is actually kind of fun – especially because I don’t have to do any of the dressing up myself.

I took down some notes as Jess told me what I needed to know for the day, but I’ve only got things like:

  • Midday – sleep
  • 5-5.15pm – dinner
  • 7-7.30pm – bed

What else am I supposed to do all day? I suspect Jess would fill in the blanks with something like:

  • 9am to 7.30pm  – Try to stop Liam from terrorizing his brothers

Day taken care of! OK, thinking about this makes me realise I need to be asleep ASAP.

Late nights of a newspaper(wo)man

It’s sleepytown here as I wait for MJ to finish the Waranga News for another fortnight. Key members of the usual posse are away so I’ve been roped in to stay the course. I did the layout on a tricky page and it came out looking A.MAZE.ING. I think I’m gifted. I also wrote a schmaltzy letter to the editor to fill up some space. It’s been all hands on deck. But now it’s after 2am and we’re both bored and sleepy. 

Oh boy! I’ve just been called back into action. My task: check the page numbers. It’s a cut throat bizniz, journalism. Toughen up or toddle off to bed…Only the strong survive. 


This is Dross. My theme for NaBloPoMo


This is Dross*

Rowan and I have double dared each other to complete NaBloPoMo. For those of you who don’t know (spending time under your rock I suppose), it stands for National Blog Posting Month.

Lame jokes about hiding under rocks aside…NaBloPoMo is a spin off of the very cool NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every November heaps of people commit to writing and completing a novel over 30 days. It’s nuts! I will do it sometime in the future when I have a November free and feel like spending all of my time and effort writing something that will be objectively awful. But I still think it would be fun.

Anyway, this is just an intro to a month of blog silliness. I warn you now, I’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel early on this month, so be prepared for some dross. Actually, a month of silliness and dross sounds great!

Wait! Brainwave! The NaBloPoMo website says, “The theme for November is there is no theme for November”. Which could mean any number of things, but what I take it to mean is that I get to assign my own ill-defined theme. I choose dross.

Instead of hassling my friends to join the fun, consider this post a personal invitation. C’mon!

Photo credit: stolen from www.pyramydair.com/blog, a blog about air riffles. Original caption: This is Dross. Found by searching “dross” in google images.