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Where is Sarah? I don’t know anymore! My life as a doppelganger.

Watch this video and pay careful attention at minute 1:14….and FREAK OUT!

It’s me! But it’s not me, because I don’t know how to train a dog. When I saw this I thought “Whose house is that? I don’t remember being filmed with a dog!”

On close inspection I can tell it’s not me because she is taller and lankier than me, but I can stare at this girl in the face and it looks like looking in mirror!

Rowan, who found the video (she Nactually Ewatches Rdog Dtraining videos…), understandably flipped out and said I was like a ghost. This is EXACTLY like the time that Lara and I watched Three Men and a Little Baby to see the ghost. When we finally found the ghost we locked on and froze! It was just like that when I saw myself in this video!

OK, I’m obviously too weirded out to make sense of this today. This is pretty much proof of parallel universes (and Youtube is the loophole). I need to go home and process.