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Darwin + fireworks

This is post 26 out of 30 to meet my own slightly altered NaBloPoMo challenge. Only four more to go before the end of the month.

So, I was in Darwin with the girls and we went to Mindel markets and it was the last market before the wet season so they had fireworks. I was all, ‘fireworks are endlessly entertaining, but seriously, why bother taking photos? Just enjoy the moooooment man…’ and then I noticed this fireworks setting on  my phone and realised, photos of fireworks are actually the best thing ever.

Darwin adventures continue: Litchfield National Park

Darwin day 2!

We packed up the car and drove to Litchfield National Park.

First stop: Petrol Station

moth on the bowser

Next stop: Litchfield, the town near the entrance to the park…


where we got excited about things like blossoms.


Clare with the blossom.

clare with blossom

Clare earmarked a stop along the way into the national park, a lone banyan tree.

banyan tree

Further down the road we saw the amazing magnetic termite mounds. They’re called magnetic termite mounds because they run north to south. How do the termites know?

termite hills

The sightseers.

site seers

Next stop, the falls.

aerial shot

and the first of many swims to be had before the week ended.


clare amanda looking

amanda swimming

Tits out Tuesday

I just spent the week in Darwin.

In Darwin there is a pub that proudly hosts Tits Out Tuesday. Our flight arrived JUST IN TIME!

As tempting as TOT was, we chose to go to the beach instead.

Tuesday night at beach

So Amanda has been living in Darwin for the past six months and through some bizarre miracle, Lara, Clare and I were all ready and willing to visit at the same time.

Tuesday night beach 2

Clare made the journey from Alice Springs to Darwin by road. If you’re not Australian you might want to look at a map so you can add the appropriate “phwoar, what a massive, hot, desert-y road trip” noises. Lara and I jumped on a plane and arrived a few hours and a very confusing time difference later.

Tuesday night at beach 3

But we did arrive with just enough time to get the beach for sunset. Lara and I brought almond croissants from Melbourne and Amanda had the Darwin mangoes ready to go.

Tuesday night at beach 4

More lovely Darwin moments to share later.