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When you get chocolate in the mail

Yvonne sent me a most dazzling and exotic package.

Theo Chocolate.

Can you see the collection of flavours in the package? How about:

  •  Bread & Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Fig, Fennel & Almond
  • Hazelnut Crunch
  • Chai Spice
  • Coconut Curry

When I opened this, Greg and Lara helped me conduct some serious taste testing. We chose a couple of flavours to embark on first.

Where else could we start than with:

Coconut curry 

Smell test

Lara: It smells like Keen’s Curry Powder

Greg:…Keen’s Curry Powder that’s been in the cupboard for a while.

Taste test

Lara: It’s like dinner and dessert in one.

Greg: I can’t taste the coconut much.

Sarah: It’s got kick!

Other thoughts

Lara: pleased with the generous sizes of the segments

Bread and Chocolate




By the time we got to this one, I forgot to take notes. Is it sufficient to say that it was really delicious?

More compelling reports as the other flavours get tasted (although they are being saved for special occasions so this could take a while).

Special delivery: choco-spazz-attack

Yesterday I received a package. I RECEIVED A PACKAGE! Hark the herald angels sing! Tra la la la laaaaa

I love packages. I love cherry ripe. Behold.

This is what it looked like when neatly packed into the deluxe box it was sent it.


This is what it looked like when it EXPLODED.


I had already eaten a cherry ripe by the time I took this photos (moments after opening). Don’t worry. There are two more! (including a super king sized twin pack!)

You know what my second favourite chocolate after cherry ripe is? Peppermint crisp. Well, anything with mint and chocolate all mixed together actually. Did the package provide? CHECK! Twice!

You know what my least favourite chocolate is. Orange-chocolate combos. bleh. Did the package provide? NO WAY!

The package looked into my soul and and realised that I did not need chicken soup (Rowan bought be some last week), I needed chocolate! Of the cherry and minty variety!

OK, the package didn’t look into my soul, ELISA did!


I don’t have my photos with me today, so I had to steal this from facebook. Elisa is a master package sender, responsible for the cherry ripe delivery of mid-2008. She fought the Acehnese postal system and won!

Man, I am regretting taking the package home last night. I want to eat it all NOW! (which is kinda why I took it home. If I do eat that much chocolate in one sitting I should not be in the office when the choco-spazz-attack happens and I start running around in circles).

I tried to offer some chocolate to my colleagues but they knew immediately that it was from foreign lands and declined. “Well pardner, them choc-o-layts ain’t from these parts. wouldn’t wanna take ’em away from ya. Bit too special I dun reckon” But they sounded less like cowboys and more like regular Thai girls. So my plan is to introduce different kinds slowly and trick the girls into sampling Australia’s chocolate delights. But now the package is at home…and there is a weekend ahead…I think I might have an inkling of how this might end.