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The Sarah Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain

I’m back in Rushworth and channeling my bucolic inner self. I’m loving the new wood fire and have taken every opportunity to use its stove top to cook things like chicken soup (from scratch).

I think the round about path I took to get to Rushworth might have something to do with my love of all things country this week. Greg and I spent the weekend at his family’s house in Jamieson, which is all about trees, hills, rivers and snow-capped mountains in the distance.

We set off on Friday afternoon and after getting trapped by the razzle dazzle of Eastland shopping centre in the middle of deep suburbia, we arrived at the house as it was getting dark. Greg made the point of putting out some wild bird seed as one of our first tasks before going inside and lighting the fire. When I woke up the next morning I understood why.

birds on verandah

Hello lovely birds! For those un-Australian amongst us, the white birds are sulphur-crested cockatoos and the coloured birds are crimson rosellas.

After breakfast we headed into Jamieson town to buy the papers and wander.

Jameison church

Jameison school

I was excited to see this pole in the school grounds that reads, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four languages. We had a similar pole at my last work so I took a photo to send to my colleagues. Greg got excited about it because apparently they used the conjunctive in the Latin or something. Did I ever mention that Greg is a Class A nerd? Fortunately he doesn’t mind that I don’t understand everything he says, and sometimes I even learn some super-geeky fact.

May peace prevail on earth

When we got back to the house we embarked on a walk.

Jameison greg walking

I wore gumboots because Greg told me we were going for a bit of a walk and my feet were getting a bit wet in my sneakers. Just 45 minutes, said Greg. After about 15 minutes we got to a steep hill.

Sarah: Are we going up Greg?

Greg: Yep!

Sarah: I thought you said it was a 45 minute walk. It’s a long way up. I think it will take longer…

Greg: It’s 45 minutes from here to get to the top and then 45 minutes down again.

Sarah: …

So up we went.

Jameison up the hill a little bit

A little bit more

Jameison up the hill a bit more

Up the hill a lot more

Jameison up the hill a lot more

At the top!

Jameison top of the hill

So even though I grumbled to Greg about his false advertising of our little walk, it was a great climb and well worth the gumboot-y effort.

I insisted on taking the slightly longer but slightly less treacherous and more gumboot-friendly route down and we got home just in time for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent looking out the window…

Jameison more birds

…and reading the paper. Lovely!