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My year in review using photos I forgot to post at the time

I’ll work in a vaguely reverse-chronological order.

November: Clara and Jesse by candlelight at Canai Mamak, Banda Aceh.

November: My personal mission statement realised. Found in a food court in KL, Malaysia.

September: Ryan Cook sleeping because he’s about a nano-second old, and exhausted. Shepparton.

End of July, maybe August: Kids posing for photos with weapons of war, Prishtina, Kosovo.

July: Ice Banana and Bum Bum. Subtle adult humour, Mostar, Bosnia.

July: Dinner by the Mostar bridge, Mostar, Bosnia.

July: My 45-minute tour of Dubrovnik and all I see is this surly American tourist, Croatia.

July: Oh dear, kitten will chop its head off, Istanbul, Turkey.

Easter: Abby and Chloe in the garden, Rushworth.

Easter: Chiara, Em and Abby rockin’ out, Rushworth.

Unsure of date (sometime after Paul got his new Mac):Marty and Sarah are cool for a brief moment. Lara’s house, Northcote.

Phew, now that they are out of my “to be posted” folder I can breeeath easy and move on to 2008! See you there!

Posting photos on blogger: a step by step guide

This isn’t really a step by step guide but it seems like all the most popular blogs do them a lot. Actually this time I am just testing the photo options on blogger and need to write something around the photo to get a sense of what it really looks like.

1. I need to go to bed. This is ridiculous

2. The gingerbread icecream was probably a mistake.

3. Not everyone embraces the Legend of Old Gregg.

4.This photo was taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

5. Of all the photos I took this was probably the least interesting one.

6. A real word of advice would be: Use not-crap photos in your blog.

7. It sounds so simple when you put it like that, but it’s a whole different matter when you are actually introducing these ideas into daily life.

8. Bad habits are very hard to break.