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Did I tell you I’m in a book club?

Late last year I joined a book club. Before the year ended we read three books.

1. As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner

2. The Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon

3. Beloved – Toni Morrison

Similarly to my apparent need to achieve something the whole damn time, even on a sick day, having a book club deadline was remarkably effective at getting me to finish a book. Even when it’s Pynchon and I haven’t a single clue what’s going on.

So when I read about my friend’s friends’ blog, We Are Well Read, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself that I had recently read two of the books they’ve read or plan to read in 2010. It’s odd really – when I tell Greg that I’ve read something and he says, ‘yeah, I read that’, I’m like, cool. But when I read that someone on a BLOG has read it, I’m all, hell yeah, I READ BOOKS.

Anyway, if you like reading you might enjoy We Are Well Read, which is also known as Andy and Netty’s Reading Challenge which seems to reflect a minor but confusing blog-identity-crisis they’re having. I think I’ll try to sync up some of my reading with them this year. You should too. Then we can be all like, hell yeah, WE READ BOOKS.

P.S. If you don’t like the occasional but very effective cuss you might be a little bit bothered by Andy and Netty’s reviews. If you like amusingly honest responses to books from people who left uni long enough ago that they no longer care if they “get” Pynchon, then you’ll probably enjoy this blog.

Melbourne, Rushworth, the Backyard, the Alderman

Had a quick weekend in Melbourne and now I’m back in Rushworth ready to get things done.

My regular workload is increasing and I’m technically in the midst of an internship, enrolled in an online course and I’ve just blocked about one and a half months out of my calendar before the end of the year with travel. I also plan on landscaping the backyard. For those of you who know the backyard you will realise how implausible this is. It’s a bloody big yard. So I’m going to use every hour wisely. Not necessarily busily, but wisely. E.g. On the train back to Rushworth today I did boring and time consuming design work on my laptop.

I could become one of those efficiency experts that rule the internet (and who I read often), but I won’t because there is something vaguely circular and banal about what they do that makes me feel a bit queasy.

Did I mention my new book club? I went to my first meeting a bit over a week ago. We meet at the Alderman which means that no matter what we read it’s made cool by association. We read As I Lay Dying last time which didn’t need any help from the Alderman to make it cool. But for example, if we decide to read The Wedding by Danielle Steel our presence at the Alderman will make it clear that we are employing irony when selecting books, or perhaps reading popular fiction for insight into mainstream America circa 2000. See?!

We’re reading The Crying of Lot 49 next, which is making me wonder if we’re actually out-hipstering the Alderman. Actually, I think the Danielle Steel for irony approach is probably the only way to out-hipster the Alderman.