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My kind of Sunday morning


My days in Carlton are numbered so I’m making the most of weekends to do my favourite things.

Going out to cafes and restaurants is great but it’s hard to beat the satisfaction (and economics) of a delicious loaf of bread and some peanut butter (I discovered this morning that I don’t own any Vegemite. Quelle horreur!)

Bread from Baker D. Chirico, Faraday St, Carlton

Coffee from new Market Lane pop up right next door

Baker D. Chirico and Market Lane Coffee, Carlton

Baker D. Chirico and Market Lane Coffee, Carlton

“It’s inhumane the pace at which people live in this society”

Liz Gilbert and me

A few of us headed up to Sydney last weekend to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak at the Sydney Opera House.

I am a huge fan – follower might be more accurate – of Liz Gilbert. I have read Eat, Pray, Love numerous times (it’s a handy book to love because there is usually a copy in any hostel you ever stay in). It’s become one of those books I read for relaxation and comfort. It’s like a 350 page reset button for me. It’s a story about travel, language, history, spirituality, self-knowledge and personal drama – my favourite things. It’s light and funny too, so a delight to read for strong stretches from a cosy position on a couch or a less cosy position at a boarding gate.

Liz Gilbert is also a wonderful public speaker and reflects thoughtfully and wisely on a range of topics that seem to overlap with so many of the topics I wonder about too. I guess that is the gift of Liz Gilbert – her ability to reflect so calmly and clearly upon ideas that are swirling around in the heads of so many of us. Her self-assured and calm certainty is also wonderful for someone like me, who often crowds out any pinholes of wisdom with self doubt and the good opinion of others.

I was delighted while watching this long interview below, that Liz spoke to that desperate feeling that I (and I know many others) had about returning to regular, busy, scheduled life after holidays. Skip forward to around 29 mins (if you’re in a hurry) for some wisdom on the indefensible pace of our lives.



I’m housesitting for my friends in Brighton this week and next. Brighton is that beachside suburb, where wealth (either very old or very new) is only worth anything if it’s conspicuous.

Fortunately, I find myself on the Felicity Kendal side of The Good Life fence. It’s all watering the permaculture garden and collecting eggs from the chooks where I’m staying.


Catching the end of winter

Only thing better than time spent in hammocks is time spent in front of the fire. It’s a Yapeen state of mind.

Winter becomes spring

The joy of winter turning into spring will never, ever dull. Indeed, the delight in brings me seems to grow each year as I think, “is it really this lovely every single year? All we have to do is make it through winter to experience this joy again and again?”

Spring in my garden

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, a million times more, I love seasons.