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The apartment in Paris is amazing

Note to self – learn the Italian word for Paris BEFORE going to the airport. There were no lasting problems, although it would have saved a lot of queuing if I’d noticed when the guy called “Pareeeeeegeeeeeeee! Pareeeeeegeeeee!” I was all, “NOT ME PAL, I’m going to Paris!”

So the apartment is amazing, and it has a balcony overlooking the street, and it even has a stack of Vogue in the corner. I stole a book I found in the last apartment so now I’m going to warm up by the heater and read books. But first, a trip to the supermarche.

Do you think we all just travel in order to see supermarkets in other countries? Everyone I know thinks it’s fun. It also brings a crap location back from the doldrums. “oh man, this place is so crap and boring. I know! Let’s check out the supermarket!” Not that I have such a problem here in the Marais.

Room with a View

Have I ever mentioned the view from my balcony?

View from my apartment

View from my apartment

Can you see the guy in the window opposite? He’s a guest in a hotel, and like every other guest in that hotel, is cool about leaving his blinds open. This guy stood at the window in nothing but his underwear as he smoked a cigarette.

This isn’t a great photo, but the problem is that when I can see someone, they can also see me, especially if I’m standing on the balcony, which is why this photo was taken from behind the balcony door. I don’t want to raise the ire of anyone when they catch me snapping photos of them in their room, so I have to be sneaky. (the ethical implications seems to have been lost on me).

So far the only things I’ve seen are people watching TV and climbing into bed in the jim-jams. It’s a pretty seedy hotel, so the possibility of witnessing prostitution in action is not too far fetched. Assuming that something like that does happen, with the following caveats, am I allowed to take a picture?

1. I don’t know them and I won’t ever get the photos back to anyone they do know

2. I won’t put the photos online (maybe I will, but with a blurry face and blurry rude bits because it would be gross to put that on my blog…but c’mon, this would be amazing blogging material)

3. I don’t scream and get so grossed out I run out of my apartment

My apartment

Without further delay, I present photos of my apartment:apartment

I took this photo this morning because the other photos I had were taken before I had two cute cushions on my couch. The sunlight streaming through doens’t really help for good photos…but I have sunlight streaming through!


When I took photos of my bed I thought, if I saw these photos of a bed beside the window I’d ask the owner of that bed if she made the most of all that sun. Which seemed like a very good point from myself to me, so I stopped taking photos and had a little nap.

So you’ve seen the living room, the bedroom, and a fridge…I bet you’re just dying to know where the kitchen sink is…


It’s on the balcony of course! I’ve always dreamed of al fresco dishwashing, and when I buy a table for my stove top I will be doing al fresco cooking too!

Pretty nice right??