Three months and three continents later, I’m back home in wintery Melbourne. Despite the icy cold winds after three months of sunshine (with San Francisco being a notable exception) it is so good to be home!

Just a few trip highlights before the comprehensive travel reporting begins:


New friends in Fort Cochin, Kerala, India


The canals of Kolam, Kerala, India


Temple celebration, Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India


Early morning Zurich, Switzerland


The first and last time I will try natto (fermented soybeans), Frankfurt, Germany


Villa Lante, Viterbo, Italy


Lost…somewhere in Italy


Following the signs to Rome (on the Via Francigena), Italy


Statue outside a hospital in Rome, Italy


Estruscan ruin on the Via Francigena, Italy


Villa Monastero, Varenna on Lake Como, Italy


Australians represent. Clare Bowditch at World Domination Summit, Portland, USA


Reunion in Chicago!


Campfire on the beach, Lake Michigan, Michigan, USA


New York by tall ship


Walden Pond, Concord, MA, USA


Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C., USA

Hiking San Francisco

Hiking San Francisco, CA, USA

What a glorious trip! Looking through the photos makes me excited all over again. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.



A Pilgrims’s Progress


Pilgrim Sudhana (Shancai tongzi) 

A young pilgrim named Sudhana, who travelled through South and Southeast Asia to study with learned masters and celestial bodhisattvas in his quest for religious development.

(This is my photograph, taken at the Met.)


Subscribers to this blog might have noticed I became pretty obsessed with weight loss yesterday. Two posts in nine hours sharing secrets on how to lose lbs fast (with this simple secret! With this miracle fruit!)

I may well be in the US right now, but “lbs” – I don’t think so. I’m dedicated to metric and have taken the opportunity while I’m here to lobby everyday Americans to get with the program. For the record, I’ve also expressed my distaste for Fahrenheit. I need to be able to exclaim loudly “Ugh, it’s like, 100 degrees in here!” without it being true. I just need that.

I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure I got hacked because I’ve been neglecting le blog so I will try to be better to my blog. I will try.

Two months later



This is me when I arrived in Fort Cochin, India after a surprisingly exhausting day of flying. That was two months ago!

Right now I’m in the wonderful B&B Albis in Fiumicino (Rome) resting up before a very early flight tomorrow morning. (Early flight out of Rome? Look no further than B&B Albis! They are kindly dropping me off at the airport at 5am and will deliver breakfast to my room at 4.45am).

Since I took that sleepy photo I’ve had an exceptional two months! I have words and pictures galore that I will post here soon. Although, maybe not immediately, because next stop is Portland, Oregon for the World Domination Summit. Although I will be surrounded by more bloggers than you can hyperlink to, I won’t be spending a minute of my time in front of a computer screen.

India – the creator’s haven

Build a bridge

My month in India was a very happy one for writing (and everything else for that matter). I spent part of the time experiencing bursts of creativity, desperately wishing for more hours in the day to write. I spent part of the time seeing new things and pondering new ideas and happily absorbing the inspiration. I spent part of the time completely switched off. Peacefully meandering through the days without, it felt, a thought in my head (this happened mostly in the ashram).

Internet was available but the speed was not great, so posting on the blog was virtually impossible. Now I’m in Europe I will try to post as much of what I was writing in India as possible (although so far the temptation of wandering Zurich’s beautiful streets has kept me away from my laptop).

I posted a few tips at Lip while I was there:

Tip 19: Tell your own story

Tip 20: Just say okay

Tip 21: Go turkey

Tip 22: Build a bridge