She’s travelling

Hello friends

You are reading the blog of Sarah Fortuna, an Australian living in Indonesia. Thailand. Melbourne, Australia travelling through India, Europe and the US for a few months. 

I began this blog as an alternative to group emails. I’d sent pages of emails home while living in Turkey in 2003 but I was tired of clogging people’s inboxes. I tried blogging in Malaysia, but was too nervous to share the URL.

When I moved to Aceh, Indonesia, I launched Where Is Sarah? and spread the word to my family and friends.

If you take a wander through the archives, you’ll quickly learn that Where Is Sarah? is not always a travel blog. But I do like sharing stories and knowledge about my current locale.

Want to chat about places to see and things to do? You can email me at sarahfortuna [AT] gmail [DOT] com

4 thoughts on “She’s travelling

  1. Zack Miller

    Hi Sarah,
    I just read your article entitled ‘Being good or doing good’ and really liked it. I wanted to know if we could post the article, with full attribution to you (include a bio and pic), on a new site we’re building focused on issues like this,

    What do you say?


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