Forgot about my soul

Sunday is a good day to tend to your soul.

Today Beck, MJ and I went to IKEA which was not an activity designed to calm the soul, but it did. I bought plants for no reason and Beck advised it was because I was trying to mend my soul. She was right.

I got burgled this week, and my laptop was stolen. I didn’t think I minded that much, but I guess in amongst a challenging week, it wore me down.

I got home this afternoon with thoughts of another challenging week ahead and I decided to proactively start preparing for it. I took some notes, tried to solve problems using my brain, and realised I needed to keep soothing my soul.

So I watched Maya Angelou in conversation with Oprah . I heard everything i wanted and needed to hear. So I kept watching and heard more wisdom from John Mackey of Wholefoods. They both gave me the advice I needed for any challenging week. Have courage, follow your own compass, tend to your soul.

As I listened to Maya Angelou I started thinking about an important letter I was half way through writing. I started to feel inspired to keep working on it.

Then I remembered that it was on my laptop and it was gone. It’s just a letter – I can write it again. But I finally felt sad that my laptop was stolen. I’m sad that I’ve lost a lot of years worth of writing and photos and diligently collected music and podcasts.

It’s important to tend to your soul, even if it’s just so you can realise it’s sad.

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