I quit coffee

Towards the end of last year I was drinking two to three cups of coffee (espresso from a cafe = strong) per day. Way too much.

I cut right back on the coffee intake over Christmas and since 2014 began (three days ago) I haven’t had a single cup. I feel AMAZING. I was trying to figure out how I could keep up this new behaviour, knowing full well that relying on willpower alone would see me sink back into old habits as soon as someone said ‘Want to come for a coffee?’

I was reading Jason Fox’s great piece on rewording yourself in 2014 and the value of rewarding yourself for good work done. It struck me – to successfully keep coffee out I needed to go big with the goal and the reward.

In 2014, I will not drink a single cup of coffee. Not even decaf.

This isn’t going to be easy. Coffee is almost a religion in this town (and on this university campus). About 80% of my meetings are held in cafes. My colleagues and I bond over early-morning coffee, mid-morning coffee, sneaky afternoon coffee. I am surrounded by really good cafes serving really good coffee.

I am going to set up monthly rewards and half-yearly major rewards. All I know is that mid-year reward will probably be white and probably named after a piece of fruit.

2 thoughts on “I quit coffee

  1. Tracy

    Jump on the Chai Latte train my friend! It’s a socially acceptable coffee alternative and much more chic than ordering a hot chocolate 🙂

  2. maggies90

    I did FebFast this year, gave up all caffeine drinks and started drinking herbal teas. Culturally a challenge but my body is thanking me for it. Have decided that I will keep drinking herbal teas, because after I tried to drink coffee again, my body did not respond well. Back on the teas and all is good. Good luck with your challenge – hope it is still going well for you.

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