Subscribers to this blog might have noticed I became pretty obsessed with weight loss yesterday. Two posts in nine hours sharing secrets on how to lose lbs fast (with this simple secret! With this miracle fruit!)

I may well be in the US right now, but “lbs” – I don’t think so. I’m dedicated to metric and have taken the opportunity while I’m here to lobby everyday Americans to get with the program. For the record, I’ve also expressed my distaste for Fahrenheit. I need to be able to exclaim loudly “Ugh, it’s like, 100 degrees in here!” without it being true. I just need that.

I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure I got hacked because I’ve been neglecting le blog so I will try to be better to my blog. I will try.

1 thought on “Hacked!

  1. Tracy

    I totally agree that all Americans should change their system of measurement for the sake of delicious hyperbole!

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