India – the creator’s haven

Build a bridge

My month in India was a very happy one for writing (and everything else for that matter). I spent part of the time experiencing bursts of creativity, desperately wishing for more hours in the day to write. I spent part of the time seeing new things and pondering new ideas and happily absorbing the inspiration. I spent part of the time completely switched off. Peacefully meandering through the days without, it felt, a thought in my head (this happened mostly in the ashram).

Internet was available but the speed was not great, so posting on the blog was virtually impossible. Now I’m in Europe I will try to post as much of what I was writing in India as possible (although so far the temptation of wandering Zurich’s beautiful streets has kept me away from my laptop).

I posted a few tips at Lip while I was there:

Tip 19: Tell your own story

Tip 20: Just say okay

Tip 21: Go turkey

Tip 22: Build a bridge



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