Four weeks later

It’s been a whole month since I left work. Although the time has passed quickly, my old routine of work-home-work-home is a hazy memory.

Friday four weeks ago I took the tram to be in office before 6.30am to get through the long list of things to do before my 5pm knock off (and my farewell party at Jimmy Watsons).

This morning I woke up much earlier than usual and went outside to collect some wood for the fire. I thought about how lovely it was to be outside in the wee hours of the morning as the sun was rising and the air was crisp. It felt virtuous to be up before everyone else. It was 7.30am.

It’s been a nice life for a month, but my slow Rushworth life is coming to an end this weekend too. On Sunday I’m flying to India for 5.30am starts in an Ashram. From my current vantage point it seems scarcely believable. But I daresay I’ll adjust.

I’ll report back in four weeks.


1 thought on “Four weeks later

  1. Sushi Suzuki

    It’s not your first dance and it definitely won’t be your last.
    Cherish it. You’re living many, many people’s dreams.
    Bon Voyage.

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