Via Francigena – it’s official

MJ and I are now recognised by the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome, bringing us ever closer to our pilgrimage in June.

Should you find yourself in the business of walking the Via Francigena, I strongly recommend joining the Confraternity. Apart from how edifying it is to be a member of a confraternity, the accommodation list provided to members is worth its weight in gold.


1 thought on “Via Francigena – it’s official

  1. Dan Clarke

    Hi Sarah,

    BBC Two are looking for people who are traveling the Santiago de Compostela via the Camino Frances, the Via Francigena to Rome or to Holy Land for a three part series on the history of pilgrimage. The prime time series explores the rich history of pilgrimage and its recent resurgence including by those who are not necessarily religious.

    We are looking for unusual and interesting stories to include in the programme. if you are interested in talking to us please see below the filming dates:

    We are filming on the Via Francigena from 28th May – 9th June
    We are looking for people who will be on the following stages of their journey on these specific days:
    28th & 29th May: Pilgrims starting the Via Francigena (or are in the very early stages of)
    4th – 5th June: Pilgrims on or near the Grand St Bernard’s Pass.
    7th – 9th June: Pilgrims in or near Rome, completing the Via Francigena

    If you’re interested, please send us a couple of lines explaining your motivations for doing your pilgrimage to

    Thank you and good luck with your travels!

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