Returning to work

Back to work this week. The theory* goes that the return to work will be as miserable as your holiday was good. My return to work on Wednesday was brutal. 

I couldn’t believe my glorious beach side holiday was over. I couldn’t accept that the first half of 2013 is already happening. It’s going to be peddle to the metal until the end of May this year. I guess I’m reluctant to get in the driver’s seat and turn the key.

Easing in is always best, so today I’m working from ‘home’ (not my regular home, my spiritual home by the beach).

Instead of waking up too early (before 7am is undignified. Heck, before 8am is undignified), putting on uncomfortable work clothes and trekking to the other side of the city to sit in an office (with broken air conditioning on a 40+ degree day), I started the day with breakfast and a book.


I think it might be time to reread Carl Honore’s In Praise of Slow and Eva Hoffman’s Time again. Both books speak to my longing for a less scheduled life. Going back to work felt as abnormal and unnatural as doing nothing for entire days felt normal and natural.

Maybe I can find a middle ground for these next few busy months? I’ll let you know how I go.

*I made the theory up but it stands proven in this case.


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