The list: Ubud, Bali

Not an exhaustive list, just the places I’ve come across that are worth writing down.

Accommodation: came up with the accommodation once again. We stayed in this glorious, peaceful villa.

Getting around: Our stay was great in large part because of Q-ull, our great driver. He took us on a day trip, arrange our visit to the healer and has scheduled out our last day in Bali so we can fit in dinner at Jimbaran Bay on the way to the airport. Call him on +62 813 531 537 62. He also runs fishing trips if that takes your fancy.

Amertha Yoga Agrowisata
Br. Temen, (Tampaksiring – Kintamani)
Penglumbaran, Bangli
mobile: +62 813 387 846 33
Amertha Yoga Agrowisata is a coffee and cacao plantation you can visit. It’s not in Ubud, but rather in the area near Kintamani lake and volcano. The set up is awesome – the garden full of bushes and trees is labeled in english so you can see the trees all your favourite fruits and spices come from. Then you get to sample cocoa powder, kopi luwak (fondly referred to as poop coffee), ginger tea and other delightful drinks.

Nur Salon
The staggeringly painful reflexology at Nur Salon was amazing. I’ve had a lot of reflexology in my time but none as good as this. Persevere through the pain – it’s worth it.

Atman Kafe 
There are so many good food choices in Ubud. It’s mind blowing. I found a book that whittled the options down to a few stand outs. I used the list mostly to avoid decision paralysis. Fortunately, we got hungry for lunch in an area I had no recommendations for. We stumbled into Atman Kafe and I ate the most delicious and fresh balinese curry imaginable.

The healer I wrote about here is Tjokorda Gde Rai. I won’t add his contact details here, but you ask around in Ubud someone will be able to take you. (Even better, ask Q-ull to take you).

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