99 (small) tips for a better world – new column at Lip

Excellent news!

Today is the first day of my new column over at Lip.

Over the next 99 weeks (that’s a lot of weeks) I’m going to come up with 99 small things any of us can do to make a better world. Suggestions welcome (…please…gasp…)

I’ll eventually cross-post these columns so you can read them here, but today come and check it out on the lovely Lip!


2 thoughts on “99 (small) tips for a better world – new column at Lip

  1. Sushi Suzuki

    Congratulations! Does this now make you a professional blogger?
    Will definitely try to contribute suggestions, and it probably doesn’t matter that I’m not of the female persuasion?

  2. realsarahf Post author

    Yes, I have informed my employers that I am now a professional blogger and that anything I do for them will have to be squeezed in amongst my blogging commitments. They are, as you can imagine, delighted for me.

    Yes, please do contribute suggestions! You are absolutely right that it does not matter that you are not of the female persuasion.

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