Let me tell you about my dream

Last night I had a dream. I was sitting at my friend’s house and she was feeling a bit mopey. She said, ‘every morning I get up and eat breakfast at this bench and the day goes on the same. Nothing happens.’

I suggested she might like to sit at the table while she eats her breakfast because sometimes the slightest change to a regular routine gives you a lift.

She said, ‘what’s the point in that? I eat my breakfast at the bench or at the table. I’m still just eating breakfast and the day goes on as boring as ever.’

At that I jumped up in frustration and yelled, ‘WHAT YOU DO ISN’T THE POINT! THE POINT IS HOW YOU FEEL WHILE YOU’RE DOING IT!’

Then I woke up.


2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about my dream

  1. Lara Kelly

    What a dreary friend you have (at the risk of sounding narcissistic – was it me?!).
    I feel very lucky to be friends with such a wise and inspiring dreamer, and I’m amazed that your dreams are so thoughtful.
    The last dream I remember was about as boring as my usual work day (essentially one of those daily run through dreams with a bit of worry attached). Actually a couple of weeks ago I had a dream that had snipers in a big canyon (it looked like a scene from ‘Salmon fishing in Yemen’) and a hot air balloon getaway (‘Up’ style) and Taffy the cat helping me through it all – my little bit of creative adventure mostly stolen from movies!

  2. realsarahf Post author

    Those dreams that are just like regular life are THE WORST! You were definitely not the dreary friend in this dream. You don’t even come into the top 10 of my most dreary friends.

    I like the sound of your hot air balloon escape. Especially if it meant waking up in a triumphant mood. I assume most of my dreams are stolen from movies but I have such a terrible memory I just end up claiming the stories as my own.

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