What a nice way to start the day

You know what I love? I love when you walk to work in the morning and the sun’s up but it’s still early enough that the air is crisp and there is dew on the grass. The birds are hopping around on the nature strip eating things from the grass that haven’t been discovered by other birds yet. You put in your headphones and the first song up on shuffle is something great like a Billy Bragg and Wilco song, but one sung by Jeff Tweedy from Wilco because even though every song on those Mermaid Ave albums are good, the ones sung by Jeff Tweedy are your favourites.

When you get to the intersection you get a green man straight away and don’t even have to alter your stride. You cop a mouthful of exhaust from a truck and it reminds you walking along the road above the Tiber in Rome. You smile about that particularly excellent holiday in Rome and think about how nice life has been so far.

Then you notice the first magnolias of the season hanging over the wrought iron fences of the period terraces in your street that is actually called a parade. You parade further down the parade, cross the road at the lights, dodge cyclists, and walk past the main entrance to work. You walk a bit further up the parade and enter work via a more attractive entrance and marvel that Melbourne is the perfect blend of city and town. Along the side of the road there are bunches of jonquils growing freely like wild flowers and nobody picks them, or rides over them or stomps on them. Which is lucky because you can go to any nearby florist and pay ten dollars for a bunch not quite as nice as these ones growing freely and plentifully on the side of the road. You walk past some of Melbourne’s most beautiful buildings on the way to your office which is cosy and warm with a lovely view of all that you’ve just wandered past.

You sit down to start work and think, what a nice way to start the day.

2 thoughts on “What a nice way to start the day

  1. Jo

    Number 1 city! Sounds like someone is looking forward to an adventure though! oh & the magnolias are great aren’t they!

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