Why has that idea been everywhere lately?

This week, I’ve read or heard the phrase “hiding in plain sight” about seven times.

It’s not an uncommon saying, but seven times in one week is unusual. It’s like when you hear a word for the first time and then all of a sudden that word is used everywhere.

There is probably a term describing this phenomenon – my guess is that it’s something to do with the brain’s obsession with patterns.

Some people like to allocate meaning to this – like “if I hear about something three times, I take it as a sign” Here’s a good example of that. I totally dig that approach, but am not that proactive about it. One week, I saw the same red bike three times, in different parts of the city. I didn’t go out and buy the red bike (although I did pay attention to the brand in case I changed my mind).

But if an idea is shoving itself in my face, I pay attention.

In addition to: “Hiding in plain sight” the last couple of weeks have featured:

  • “Get out of your own way” (this one happened about 20 times, but stopped showing up a week or so ago, so perhaps I got out of my own way).
  • “Imagination” this is just  a word, but long discussions about the power and role of imagination have been taking place in front of me all over the place. Listen to this podcast – amazing.

So, I am thinking about the role of imagination in my own life, and having a good look to see what might be hiding in plain sight.


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