Madrid: Cold

It’s cold in Madrid. I knew it would be cold, but it’s really cold.

So cold that I have been finding ways to convince myself it’s pleasant so I don’t just crawl into a doorway with a homeless person and decide to die.

I tell myself that it’s bracing. Ah, it’s cold, but bracing! Energising! Gosh, you really know you’re alive with a wind chill factor of -45c!

All of that pep-talking is only so useful. Especially because I am in Cold Madrid with a cold-loving person. Someone who – and I am directing this at all cold-loving people now – I don’t believe actually feels the cold. If you cold-loving people were feeling the cold that I was feeling you would not love it.

I feel your cold-loving judgement. Oh c’mon, it’s not that cold. Ummm, yes it is. This is ‘a lot of old people died last night’ cold.

But your judgement means nothing because I shield myself with an even greater dose of judgement back. You barbarians, you don’t even feel the cold like I do. I am like the princess and the pea. It’s a frozen pea and it’s making my bed of 100 mattresses really cold.


2 thoughts on “Madrid: Cold

  1. Lara Kelly

    Ohh brrrrr. It must be proper chilly. Do you have enough clothes? It sounds like a hot water bottle in your overcoat might be necessary! It was 22 here after a cool change – it felt cold and I needed my doona, but it’s so far away from -22! I just can’t believe it. Any sign of snow? Maybe Tito will lend you his jacket give it’s not that cold?!?

  2. realsarahf Post author

    I actually do have enough clothes because Tito has a spare jacket that I wear under my normal jacket. So We would go out at night and it would be icy and windy and i’d be toasty warm but my face would be freezing off! But we’re in Granada now it’s it’s a more civilised temperature.

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